Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Waste Not A Word

I only meant to commit on Sarah's blog, that Caren's wit and style, has always been a lingering reminder of a more flamboyant, audacious time in my life. But I could not stop reminiscing. I was afraid Sarah would have a cow: So I made this blog post out of it. Well here is my foolish musings, I wisely retracted from Sarah's:

"Ah, Caren.
Your clever wit never fails to remind me, that in those ancient times, I once roamed the city nightlife with a group of free spirited people, very much like you. Back in those days, I had the pleasure of being the entourage of what I would call the Grand Cadre of Fools. These gay bravados, were known to do almost anything on a dare; obviously these men and women were no ordinary common fools, each and every one, a sterling professional. Together we could crash any old hole in the wall dive, and turn it into a grand ballroom of gaiety, and mirth. Those were indeed rare and magical times, for that bodacious pack of roving thrill seekers, and jesters, with their seemingly unbounded energy, and spontaneity. We were closer than most kin folk, but they that were so dear to my heart, have long ago, given up their unique magic, to become more sober, and mature adults.
And so in giving up so much, what did we get in return? It would seem that, perhaps, we really were the biggest fools of all.
If I had a handful of Carens, and maybe a few Daves, I would do it all again, but I am getting a little too old to be crawling across the dance floor, to be looking up young girls dresses, although I still would like to sponsor another wet T-shirt contest".

Oh I love Sarah, just as much if not more, She could wash my car anytime, but I can't help but wonder who would be the best pole dancer?


AddledWriter said...

I don't exactly have nightlife. What you see on the blogs is all there is...just me commenting on some friends I haven't seen in years!

Walt said...

That is the point Caren, we are no longer the free spirits that we once were.
After working 20 years working on the night shift for the Post Office, I would not say I was still the Student Prince of Darkness. There is no more, that strong bond of kinship and trust between men and women, like you and I, fear and doubt now rule the day. We have all become slaves to the material world, and live only for ourselves.