Friday, June 22, 2007

Joel Keller: A Resourceful New Jersey Writer.

I did not know much about this most excellent and good natured fellow, untill he started his new blog. Up untill then my only thought was that he is just another audacious foot soldier, among the legions of the cyber-merchants. But Joel is a man with soul; a real cool cat.
He's a contemplative freelance writer who has been featured in a great many publications, such as New York Times, Knot.Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Jane. You will also find him at TV Joel is very adept in doing many of his creative endeavors; like celebrity interviews, or when writing about life, culture, entertainment, and fine food.

A really odd story
"Vending machines in Japan offer for sale panties purportedly worn by schoolgirls. Used underwear that has supposedly been previously worn by schoolgirls is being offered for sale in vending machines in Japan. Though we don't know the current price for such items, in 1993 they sold for the equivalent of US $50 apiece. Sick, I wonder how much a used tampon goes for? Maybe a $100.?"
"Even so, what's tolerated with little fuss or moral hand-wringing in Japan remains striking. Hiro Fujiwara, a man in his 30s who helped produce pornographic videos before manning his parents' noodle stand in an Osaka neighborhood, tells that "pornography is sort of seen as a good outlet for men, a sign of a healthy man, like drinking a lot of alcohol." His friend, Kazuyo, a woman in her mid-20s, concurs, adding that "women don't mind so much because it means the man is normal. He watches when he is alone."

Meanwhile, the US Supreme Court rejected on Tuesday a constitutional challenge to a law in Alabama that makes it a crime to sell sex toys. Texas and Georgia also have laws that restrict the distribution of sex toys.

It's a strange world folks.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Miss Cellania

"Yes, life is very confusing, we're just trying to get on with it."

For some reason most of my blogger friends are Damn Yankees!
But I love them all just the same. One exception is Miss Cellania, Who as I have said before, is a fellow Kentuckian! She has many very intertaining Blog Sites, that she is constantly updating. She is no silly hillbilly, but she will make you smile, I guarntee it.
I had these Crazy Cats on my bedspread when I was 16.
Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody.