Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's All in The Cards

What the cards said: Reading for 10/12/08

True love. It is a person who you connect so well with, as if you had a cord tied to each other. Your thoughts, wants and needs are united. Rare love, enjoy and nurture your relationship remember the reason why you feel connected. Remember why when you look in each others eyes you see each others soul.
This reading is in relation to: A quarrel between lovers and the need to overcome this. It represents conquest or taking control over something. Make sure to discuss and understand each other's position because in the end you will conquer and triumph together.

Things are not too bad, but they are also not good. There are some problems and issues that you need to deal with. You may feel as if you are not accomplishing what you would like because there are obstacles in your way. You need to be careful, re-evaluate your relationships and goals in life, and make the necessary adjustments. The cards found this special reading: Your final outcome is showing true love. It is rare to find love like this. If you don't have someone now, it is inevitable that you will find someone. Perhaps it is someone you know, or will meet some day. If your cards continue to repeat the lovers card, specially under outcomes or strength it will most surely happen. Otherwise you know who it is.

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