Monday, October 20, 2008

Spider Bite?

Ouch! I had a late night visitor, and it bit me in my sleep, coming just hours after my brother let an old flea bitten hound dog lounge on my bed. I'm not sure if it was a flea, or a spider, No, it was not a flea; I now have a serious infection in my forearm, and it hurts.
And to think, I used to play with small spiders as if they were harmless toys. These little monsters can be as dangerous as a rattlesnake. I should see a doctor, but I am a man. We never see a doctor unless a woman makes us. This is a lesson I will not soon forget, if it does not kill me first!

Bitten by Poisonous Spider.

Nursery Rhyme & History.

Hey, don't worry about me, I will live!
The Master of fate, did not put me in your life just to snatch me away from you. We have many miles yet to travel.

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Jersey Girl said...


I am VERY allergic to spider bites, so I get bad infections from them. It's horrible. GO GET SOME MEDICINE!!!