Thursday, October 30, 2008

Special People

It was a rare moment in time that shall never be duplicated. When all the right elements combined with exuberant hearts and brilliant minds. We were for the most part, all survivors of a most unpopular war. Young men and women of the highest caliber. With no one to welcome us home except ourselves. It was a special bond, borne out of the grief of their lost youth, teenage boys who became old men in the grim nightmare that would consume well over 50,000 of America's best. We were not defeated on the the battlefield, but by the very ones at home, who sent us off to war; and the beat goes on. From great and harrowing hardships and devastating losses of friends, and comrades, we had learned how precious and short life could be, and were determined to live every moment as if it were to be our last. To say the least we were the strangest kids on campus. Military discipline had taught us the value of team work, And even a wild movie like "Animal House" had nothing on us.
It was perhaps the first time the army, navy, air force marines, and coastguard ever got along together. Indeed we were a true joy to behold.
Someday We'll Be Together
The Supremes did not actually sing the back up for the recorded version of "Someday We'll Be Together". Behind Diana Ross’s voice are session artists and Johnny Bristol who co-wrote the song.

"Someday We'll be Together" was the last Billboard #1 hit of the 1960’s

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Waste Not A Word

I only meant to commit on Sarah's blog, that Caren's wit and style, has always been a lingering reminder of a more flamboyant, audacious time in my life. But I could not stop reminiscing. I was afraid Sarah would have a cow: So I made this blog post out of it. Well here is my foolish musings, I wisely retracted from Sarah's:

"Ah, Caren.
Your clever wit never fails to remind me, that in those ancient times, I once roamed the city nightlife with a group of free spirited people, very much like you. Back in those days, I had the pleasure of being the entourage of what I would call the Grand Cadre of Fools. These gay bravados, were known to do almost anything on a dare; obviously these men and women were no ordinary common fools, each and every one, a sterling professional. Together we could crash any old hole in the wall dive, and turn it into a grand ballroom of gaiety, and mirth. Those were indeed rare and magical times, for that bodacious pack of roving thrill seekers, and jesters, with their seemingly unbounded energy, and spontaneity. We were closer than most kin folk, but they that were so dear to my heart, have long ago, given up their unique magic, to become more sober, and mature adults.
And so in giving up so much, what did we get in return? It would seem that, perhaps, we really were the biggest fools of all.
If I had a handful of Carens, and maybe a few Daves, I would do it all again, but I am getting a little too old to be crawling across the dance floor, to be looking up young girls dresses, although I still would like to sponsor another wet T-shirt contest".

Oh I love Sarah, just as much if not more, She could wash my car anytime, but I can't help but wonder who would be the best pole dancer?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Jewish Circumcision Resource Center

Circumcision is a Choice:

Like the American cultural practice of circumcision, Jewish circumcision (bris or brit milah) is dependent on the acceptance of cultural myths. Of all the myths that Jews believe about circumcision, the one that is paramount is the belief that all Jews circumcise. With this belief, we put ourselves under tremendous pressure to conform.

Bound by this burden to comply with social expectations, most Jewish parents do not recognize that circumcision is a choice. Since open communication about circumcision is discouraged, there is virtually no awareness of others who feel similar conflicts and doubts around circumcision. Moreover, if a Jewish parent does decide not to circumcise a male child, it is not generally known to the rest of the community. As a result, many parents submit to the pressure and then discover only too late, perhaps after witnessing the circumcision of their son, that they wish they had chosen differently. Some parents report that if they could take back one decision, it would be their son's circumcision.

By Brad Trechak 11.14.05

Several weeks ago my brother's family had a boy, giving me my first nephew. He was born a week before Rosh Hashanah and to celebrate the Jewish new year, in keeping with traditions dating back thousands of years, my family hired a man with minimal medical credentials to snip off the tip of their baby boy's wee-wee with a scalpel.

Circumcision, the ritual removal of the foreskin of the male penis, has been practiced since long before recorded history. It is believed to have originated in eastern Africa since before the time of Abraham when it is believed to have been done for the suppression of the male sex drive. It has long since been a tradition for the Jewish people to circumcise each male child within eight days of birth in a ceremony known as a Brit milah or Bris Milah (Hebrew for "Covenant of circumcision" or "Covenant of the word").

According to WebMD, it may also

be done to treat some medical conditions that affect the penis of older boys and men, such as balanitis (inflammation of the tip of the penis), phimosis, and paraphimosis and other terrible sounding afflictions.
There is also one popular myth developed in 1985 by Dr. Thomas Wiswell is that it helps prevent urinary tract infection. It was determined that his methods were skewed and his conclusions were unreliable. However, even if it were true then such an infection would likely have a small statistical probability of occurrence, similar to getting an infection in your tonsils, which are only removed if necessary. The same theory should apply to the foreskin; it should only be cut off if it is causing a problem. To remove it beforehand is akin to removing your legs at birth because they might get crushed in an auto accident someday.

Circumcise Yourself in Four Easy Steps:

Does your penis look like Jesus' penis?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Physician heal thyself

Playing doctor, I had a wonderful time lancing the wound and squeezing the yellow pus out like it was a tube of toothpaste. It was amazing what shot out of that hole in my arm. I am much better now, thanks to all of you, for your concern, but I worry more about you guys, because of what I see coming down the road. Should Jews have guns? Jews and "Gun Control" .

Monday, October 20, 2008

Spider Bite?

Ouch! I had a late night visitor, and it bit me in my sleep, coming just hours after my brother let an old flea bitten hound dog lounge on my bed. I'm not sure if it was a flea, or a spider, No, it was not a flea; I now have a serious infection in my forearm, and it hurts.
And to think, I used to play with small spiders as if they were harmless toys. These little monsters can be as dangerous as a rattlesnake. I should see a doctor, but I am a man. We never see a doctor unless a woman makes us. This is a lesson I will not soon forget, if it does not kill me first!

Bitten by Poisonous Spider.

Nursery Rhyme & History.

Hey, don't worry about me, I will live!
The Master of fate, did not put me in your life just to snatch me away from you. We have many miles yet to travel.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Talk

Hey now my friends, there will always be a need to put on a happy face, especially when we need a little reassurance in these troublesome times.
We need more happy talk, and those of you who blog in order to escape life's worries, know what I am talking about. There are still many things to be thankful for; I see a triumph for a brokenheart, regaining her poise with dignity, and grace. A new mom and dad, enraptured by the birth of their first child. The satisfaction of knowing that after six years, and so many many happy, and zany e-mails; my Ha Ha girl, is still sending me her ha ha's. It is the little things you do that keeps me going. "Today: Sunny, with a high near 69. Southwest wind between 5 and 10 mph". The weather has been just wonderful, you could not ask for better days. It would be nice to hear some more good news from you people.
Don't worry!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Perhaps the wind has changed

I would much rather not be here, than to stay and have to witness the grim destruction of our proud nation, the land we hold so dear. It is of little consolation that I get to use inflammatory words that should increase hits on my blog multifold and no doubt even get me onto some fascist national security watch list.

Hello boys and girls! Nothing to see here. Move along, folks.

For I speak as would a prophet; I don't champion destruction, and war, by any means (as opposed to those who favor open anarchy). If I had a choice, I would rather be in Israel, but this is where G-d put me, and I have no choice but to sound the warning cry. I can't wear a false happy face when I know that all Hell is coming down the road at full gallop and there is nothing to hinder it when it gets here. So now you get to see the face under the face; the mask removed.

The trouble with masks is that, if you wear them for long enough, you become like them. And (as they say in Hoboken) if you make a face and the wind changes, the face sticks. So grimace at your peril!

On the other hand, without a mask, without an extra face, one becomes ... well ... exposed to public view.

So what of many masks and faces do I use? Oh, much the same as most of you other bloggers.

Certainly, I have played a round or two of The Vicious Circle of the Great Mask of Indifference. The rules are simple. Think of something that you want. Imagine, for whatever reason you can come up with, that you can't get it. Then pretend that you don't want it. This almost guarantees that you won't actually get it. So you can start to believe that you never get what you want, and that you really don't care one way or the other. The Great Mask of Indifference ensures that you stay well within this comfort zone.

This, by the way, is not to be confused with The Raised Drawbridge Mask of Nonchalance. Such a mask is a defensive posture for use against provocative fellows who wish to see the colour of the wallpaper inside your castle. Whatever they do, jumping up and down or chucking cannonballs through your windows, the inscrutable Mask of Nonchalance demonstrates that you hardly even notice their presence.

Another example would be The Day-to-Day Drudgery Mask of Getting By. In Yorkshire where they make the pudding, this would be known as the Mask of Nobbut Middlin'. It's been quite a favourite of folks like us, and I've been so habitual in its use that, even when I'm feeling that life is quite good, people come up to me and ask what the matter is.

Maybe the wind is changing.

But now, a little like a forty-year-old Winston Smith at the Ministry of Truth and salvation, at the age at which a man supposedly has the face he deserves, I begin to wonder how life would feel if the oppression of public view was removed and I could peel back the masks. To not care that, when I laugh, my eyes pop out and my rabbit teeth protrude. To not give a damn about having a few crows feet, or the frosty look of my graying hair.

Would I get all that I want? Would I be able to feast and drink, chortle with merriness, and frolic in the nakedness of truth, for the rest of my days?

Or, have we have turned into the world of Orwell, is it the job of the internal Thought Police to prevent such insane freedom?
I intend to save as many as possible. That is why I have long kept a ambulance.

And thank you, Mr.Kanikoski for your help.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tarot Reading for 10/16/08

This is just a general reading, with only the five of you in mind. I'm a little surprised, I was expecting it to come out a little tame. And to my amazement, the one I did for Sarah, came out a little too personal for me to publish. Hey, it's just a computer game, right? The other night, was kind of funny, I accused Caren of being pregnant, the cards kept saying that there was a baby on the way.
So now back to the reading:

The following current situation is happening:
(1)A fair, light-eyed masculine person, who likes the country, and the things mother earth gives us. Could represent you or someone who is wise, educated, mature and loyal and is seen as a father figure or leader. If it is someone you know, you look up to this person and can ask them for advice.
This current situation is amplified by: You or an auburn-haired feminine person, with light eyes one who is nature loving, fond of children and home life. This person is loyal and capable of strong friendship. If this is you, then your friends are lucky to have you.
This reading is in relation to: Your love life, intimate partner or lover.

The outcome of this current situation:

(2)Time of sorrow or tears, could be tied to a 3 party situation. Distress due to separation, conflict or absence.
This reading is in relation to: A financial situation within a partnership or marriage, which is not going well.

In your past and behind you:

(3)An adventurous quest. You will do what you want, leave people, and places behind. This may indicate an impulsive action. Normally this is a good card, especially if you are a person who loves adventure and change. If not, you may see this as a bad and scary change in your life.
This reading is in relation to: Your professional, academic or business life, possibly specific to a project or task

What is foremost on your mind:

(4)Your skills and knowledge are above everyone. Financial rewards are expected because of your personal effort.
This reading is in relation to: Your preoccupation with a financial situation or your possessions. Your wealth or a monetary situation are specifically impacted through too much control or restriction.

In your immediate future (next several days):

(5)You or someone you know who is worldly, a leader, and protective of those he loves. This person is masculine, has dark-hair and eyes, and has been very successful professionally.
This reading is in relation to: You feel as if you need time to think. Time to retreat from the direct situation and get a clear view or different perspective.

Currently the cards see you as:

(6) You or a masculine person who has brown hair and eyes. This person is authoritative, and ambitious, and demands respect. May be an expert in arts, science or law and makes an excellent counselor. This person can be trusted to help those in need.
This reading is in relation to: Travel or movement in your professional or business life, possibly specific to a project or task

Your current strengths are:

(7)An illusory situation, fraud or entrapment. Don't let others fool you or take advantage, you have an idea of who or what it is.
This reading is in relation to: You will find the truth in the middle of this murky situation. Staying focused on your goals, and using caution will bring you to new awareness and meaning.

The advice for this overall reading:

(8)A traumatic and difficult change that will lead to new awareness. This will have a significant negative impact, which represents illness, unhappiness, or chaos. Eventually after this has passed there will be new opportunities, possibly a feeling of liberation.
This reading is in relation to: Your professional, academic or business life, possibly specific to the start of a project or task. This may also indicate pregnancy or birth

In your future or final outcome:

(9)An imminent move to a calm and peaceful place. This is very indicative of a journey or travel, for business or pleasure.
This reading is in relation to: You or a feminine person who is psychic, wise and very knowledgeable. If this represents you then your foresight and ability to make decisions are well tuned.

The overall impression of this reading

(10)Things are not too bad, but they are also not good. There are some problems and issues that you need to deal with. You may feel as if you are not accomplishing what you would like because there are obstacles in your way. You need to be careful, re-evaluate your relationships and goals in life, and make the necessary adjustments.

Oh boy, this blog reading is indeed a strange one. I did readings for Caren, and Dave, they all came out better than this one.

PS. After posting this, I did another reading for us, and once again, the end was not so good.

In your future or final outcome:

A traumatic change that will lead to new awareness. This will have a significant negative impact, it could represent illness, a catastrophe, unhappiness, chaos.
This reading is in relation to: A time for soul searching and caution. You are alone in this quest for answers and truth after this hard hitting event.

The overall impression of this reading:

Things are average in your life right now. There are some issues and problems, but also some good things. This is typical life, with no major worries, or major celebrations going on. You may be in transition or working on something, but the final result or what your future will bring is not completely set. Additionally your final outcome is showing some strife and bad things. You are in need of help.
The cards found this special reading: Your final outcome though it appears to bad, very difficult, or traumatic, can be something good for you. You may not understand why these hardships occur, but when you look back, you will see it was for the better. You are in control and how you handle the situation will reflect as a positive or negative final outcome.
I would not worry there are six of us, and one is already hurting very deeply, and when a friend hurts, I hurt along with them.
Empathy sucks.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baby Love

It's a Celebration! Dave Has a Son!

"There is still beer to be drunk in New York City" As Bananaman once said: Put aside your worries, and take a moment in time to celebrate the joy of the miracle of life with Dave and his growing family!
A new baby is the best way I can think of, to make a functional surrogate family out of all you damn introverted bloggers. This is a wonderful time to rejoice in our common love for each other. As well as for bonding, and pledging our allegiance to each other in these times of uncertainty.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Not Infallible

I should know better, sometimes I'm glad, that I am not at the top of your reading list.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dead Cat Bounce

My brother did not wait for the dead cat to bounce, he sold every thing he had at the lowest point. I should never call my brother a fool, but what was he doing with so much money in the market, and having a $60,000. credit card debt at the same time? Now he is hording all those soon to be worthless dollars! It looks like the cat will keep on bouncing until the dying dollar is at last dead. There yet could be the biggest bounce in the history of the stock market, as investors try to figure out what to do with all their funny money. as more and more people around the world are starting to realize the dollar will soon be worthless. The world is now in a frenzy, in it's rush to cash in the dollar, and the end of this once great pillar of trust is very near. Those who have a lot of cash, know that stocks are better bet than holding a bag of money that is worth nothing.

Let's face it, everyone in the world knows that the Fed is pumping dollars out as fast as they can print them, so it is only a matter of time before the music stops, everyone else takes a seat, and we are the ones who get kicked out of the game.

Very soon, the dollar will become worthless, or at least deeply devalued. Gold has already skyrocketed in price. And everyone who has one of these legal contracts that says they can buy gold at $900/ounce are demanding their gold.

Problem is there's not enough of it to go around at any price, which fuels the cycle and forces gold prices higher and higher, and the dollar lower.

And if you think that can't happen here, sorry about that, don't forget, I warned you a few years ago, that is exactly what happened in post-WWI Germany.

The great allied powers, after having striped Germany of all it's wealth. Quit taking impoverished Germany's "inflated" paper money and demanded gold in exchange for goods and services. (Germany had their own version of The Fed.) This sparked a massive decline in the value of their currency, and in the end, it took a whole wheel-barrel load of Deutchmarks to buy a loaf of bread.

Germany was in anarchy, and from this chaos, the stage was set for Hitler to storm in on his painted white horse and save the day at the expense of....guess who?.....the Jews.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Great Adventure

Our dull lives suddenly got a lot more interesting. Welcome to high drama 101. As we prepare for life in the post crash world.
The following Chinese saying "时势造英雄"(pin-yin:shi shi zao ying xiong), which means heroes(leaders) are made over turbulent times. Let us pray all pray we get some good leaders out of this, and that the hard times, that are sure to come will not harm us, but will only serve to make each of us stronger, and more self reliant.
It is fortunate that most of you who read this blog, are acquaintances, friends, or at least know of each other. We are all in this together for our mutual defence. And I am more than willing to be of service to you whenever I am needed. Caren has been very loyal to me, whatever I ask of her she has done it without question, but you folks, (all five of you), will in the future need to be helping each other. I will not be sending Caren around to wipe your asses for you. If you want to be in my crew, you must all become like brothers and sisters, for better or worse. You are my people, and I'm not willing to let a single one of you perish in the turbulent times that may yet come.
My phone number is 859-595-2411 My crew can call me at anytime,
I live to serve.

There have been times, when Sarah has shielded me from looking too outrageous, but not even she can help me now.
Either I am, or I am not.

This economic disaster will likely develop like the big recession of the early ’90s. Wave after wave of lay offs will put millions of Americans out of work. Because of reforms instituted after the First Great Depression, individual bank accounts are insured to $100,000 each. There shouldn’t be a “run on banks.” Considering that most Americans don’t have any money in their bank accounts, they don’t have anything to withdraw. If someone wants to be extra-paranoid and keep their money in a mattress or gold bricks in a safe, then fine. It’s always a good idea to have canned food and guns -just in case things deteriorate to a New Orleans style disaster.

The best course of action to survive this economic collapse is to own some inexpensive real estate and don’t buy that new car. Don’t blow four grand on a plasma TV. Don’t buy the latest notebook computer, cell phone or other needless gadget. Live as frugally as possible. And if we all watch each other's back; we will all survive this disaster. The more prepared we are, the less we will have to suffer because of those two-party crooks.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's All in The Cards

What the cards said: Reading for 10/12/08

True love. It is a person who you connect so well with, as if you had a cord tied to each other. Your thoughts, wants and needs are united. Rare love, enjoy and nurture your relationship remember the reason why you feel connected. Remember why when you look in each others eyes you see each others soul.
This reading is in relation to: A quarrel between lovers and the need to overcome this. It represents conquest or taking control over something. Make sure to discuss and understand each other's position because in the end you will conquer and triumph together.

Things are not too bad, but they are also not good. There are some problems and issues that you need to deal with. You may feel as if you are not accomplishing what you would like because there are obstacles in your way. You need to be careful, re-evaluate your relationships and goals in life, and make the necessary adjustments. The cards found this special reading: Your final outcome is showing true love. It is rare to find love like this. If you don't have someone now, it is inevitable that you will find someone. Perhaps it is someone you know, or will meet some day. If your cards continue to repeat the lovers card, specially under outcomes or strength it will most surely happen. Otherwise you know who it is.

My Old Kentucky Blog

FRIENDS "Still the One"

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Buy Stocks, Don't Sale Them

Before the crash, my stupid brother had one million in stocks. Against all advice; now he sales them. He gets what he deserves.
The man is so tight, you couldn't drive a mouse's whisker up his ass. Folks, we have no real money, so cash will not do you much good. And by the first of the year there will be Hell to pay. Buy the things you will need NOW, while your money is still worth a little something.
For The Love of Money.
A Ball Of Confusion! (That's What The World Is Today).

Friday, October 10, 2008

Doctor Thomas Szasz

At last, a man who shares the same philosophy as I do! If only I had a man like him as my mentor, instead of my two brilliant but burnt out alcoholics. I would have never dropped out. Alas, I found there were too many professionals in the field suffering from the same maladies as their patients. You could say, I became a therapist, to therapists, and lost them both to acute organic psychosis. One is now at rest, the other lives in fear, regulated to existing as a hermit on his farm.

"Perhaps most radically ... Dr. Thomas Szasz deemed mental illness a mythic and monstrous beast,
and proclaimed that 'mental illness' was a fiction. Insanity, he has continued ever since to claim, is not a real disease, whose nature has been progressively scientifically unveiled; mental illness is rather a myth, forged by psychiatrists for their own greater glory.

In the past, men created witches; now they create mental patients."

"If the dead talk to you, you are a spiritualist; if God talks to you, you are a schizophrenic."

"We often speak of love when we really should be speaking of the drive to dominate or to master, so as to confirm ourselves as active agents, in control of our own destinies and worthy of respect from others."

"Knowledge is gained by learning; trust by doubt; skill by practice; love by love."

"The many faces of intimacy: the Victorians could experience it through correspondence, but not through cohabitation; contemporary men and women can experience it through fornication, but not through friendship."

"Men are afraid to rock the boat in which they hope to drift safely through life's currents, when, actually, the boat is stuck on a sandbar. They would be better off to rock the boat and try to shake it loose, or, better still, jump in the water and swim for the shore."

"We achieve active mastery over illness and death by delegating all responsibility for their management to physicians, and by exiling the sick and the dying to hospitals. But hospitals serve the convenience of staff not patients: we cannot be properly ill in a hospital, nor die in one decently; we can do so only among those who love and value us. The result is the institutionalized dehumanization of the ill, characteristic of our age."

"Happiness is an imaginary condition, formerly often attributed by the living to the dead, now usually attributed by adults to children, and by children to adults."

"The proverb warns; Don't bite the hand that feeds you. But maybe you should, if it prevents you from feeding yourself."

"The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the na?ve forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget."

"Two wrongs don't make a right, but they make a good excuse."

"Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one's self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily; and why older persons, especially if vain or important, cannot learn at all."

"It is easier to do one's duty to others than to one's self. If you do your duty to others, you are considered reliable. If you do your duty to yourself, you are considered selfish."

"Doubt is to certainty as neurosis is to psychosis. The neurotic is in doubt and has fears about persons and things; the psychotic has convictions and makes claims about them. In short, the neurotic has problems, the psychotic has solutions."

"In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined."

"No further evidence is needed to show that mental illness is not the name of a biological condition whose nature awaits to be elucidated, but is the name of a concept whose purpose is to obscure the obvious."

"Men often treat others worse than they treat themselves, but they rarely treat anyone better. It is the height of folly to expect consideration and decency from a person who mistreats himself."

"Psychiatric expert testimony: mendacity masquerading as medicine."

"Involuntary mental hospitalization is like slavery. Refining the standards for commitment is like prettifying the slave plantations. The problem is not how to improve commitment, but how to abolish it."

"Institutional psychiatry is a continuation of the Inquisition. All that has really changed is the vocabulary and the social style. The vocabulary conforms to the intellectual expectations of our age: it is a pseudo-medical jargon that parodies the concepts of science. The social style conforms to the political expectations of our age: it is a pseudo-liberal social movement that parodies the ideals of freedom and rationality."

"Psychoanalysis is an attempt to examine a person's self-justifications. Hence it can be undertaken only with the patient's cooperation and can succeed only when the patient has something to gain by abandoning or modifying his system of self-justification."

"Aided and abetted by corrupt analysts, patients who have nothing better to do with their lives often use the psychoanalytic situation to transform insignificant childhood hurts into private shrines at which they worship unceasingly the enormity of the offenses committed against them. This solution is immensely flattering to the patients -- as are all forms of unmerited self-aggrandizement; it is immensely profitable for the analysts -- as are all forms pandering to people's vanity; and it is often immensely unpleasant for nearly everyone else in the patient's life."

"There is no psychology; there is only biography and autobiography."

"If he who breaks the law is not punished, he who obeys it is cheated. This, and this alone, is why lawbreakers ought to be punished: to authenticate as good, and to encourage as useful, law-abiding behavior. The aim of criminal law cannot be correction or deterrence; it can only be the maintenance of the legal order."

"When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him."

"Some people say they haven't yet found themselves. But the self is not something one finds; it is something one creates."

"Addiction, obesity, starvation (anorexia nervosa) are political problems, not psychiatric: each condenses and expresses a contest between the individual and some other person or persons in his environment over the control of the individual's body."

"He who does not accept and respect those who want to reject life does not truly accept and respect life itself."

"The system isn't stupid, but the people in it are."

"Permissiveness is the principle of treating children as if they were adults; and the tactic of making sure they never reach that stage."

"The greatest analgesic, soporific, stimulant, tranquilizer, narcotic, and to some extent even antibiotic --in short, the closest thing to a genuine panacea --known to medical science is work."

"Adulthood is the ever-shrinking period between childhood and old age. It is the apparent aim of modern industrial societies to reduce this period to a minimum."

"A child becomes an adult when he realizes that he has a right not only to be right but also to be wrong."

"Narcissist: psychoanalytic term for the person who loves himself more than his analyst; considered to be the manifestation of a dire mental disease whose successful treatment depends on the patient learning to love the analyst more and himself less."

"People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something that one finds. It is something one creates."

Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's all about High Treason, Greed and Petro Dollars

So say the voices on the Internet:

"It's all about bloody Petro Dollars, the re-investment of foreign oil profits back into the Federal Reserve. Also, the use of the American dollar in the trade of oil is extremely important to the value of the dollar as well. This is the deal we have with the Saudi's(OPEC) and why we have such a problem with Hugo Chavez. Chavez wanted to sell us oil at lower prices but refused to give us petro dollars in return, he wanted to keep the profits for his own country, hence his attempted overthrow. Debate the Iraq War all you want, but Saddam was going to do a very similar thing by flooding the market with oil
(a direct violation of OPEC Saudi rules) and destroying artificial supply shortages that are needed to keep prices high. He also was refusing to trade his oil in American Dollars and that's a big no no, hence the Operation Iraqi "Freedom" and thousands of dead civilians."
In other words, they committed a multitude of heinous war crimes, just to keep on robbing the American people of their hard earned wealth!
There is no greater irony and tragedy for American troops who have slaughtered and destroyed, thousands of lives to enter Baghdad, than to have the American dollar to fall from the lack of competent, and trustworthy leadership. Many a victory has been suicidal.

Here's an excerpt from an article written on this subject From the View at thee Mount, back in April of 2003:

"OPEC always priced oil in US Dollars. In the perceptive essay, The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War With Iraq by W Clark, the thesis that a shift using the EURO as the settlement currency, drives the Bush/Cheney administration hydrocarbons geo-strategy.

"The Federal Reserve's greatest nightmare is that OPEC will switch its international transactions from a dollar standard to a euro standard. Iraq actually made this switch in Nov. 2000 (when the euro was worth around 82 cents), and has actually made off like a bandit considering the dollar's steady depreciation against the euro. (Note: the dollar declined 17% against the euro in 2002.)

"The real reason the Bush administration wants a puppet government in Iraq -- or more importantly, the reason why the corporate-military-industrial network conglomerate wants a puppet government in Iraq -- is so that it will revert back to a dollar standard and stay that way." (While also hoping to veto any wider OPEC momentum towards the euro, especially from Iran -- the 2nd largest OPEC producer who is actively discussing a switch to euros for its oil exports)."

The effect of an OPEC switch to the euro would be that oil-consuming nations would have to flush dollars out of their (central bank) reserve funds and replace these with euros. The dollar would crash anywhere from 20-40% in value and the consequences would be those one could expect from any currency collapse and massive inflation (think Argentina currency crisis, for example). You'd have foreign funds stream out of the U.S. stock markets and dollar denominated assets, there'd surely be a run on the banks much like the 1930s, the current account deficit would become unserviceable, the budget deficit would go into default, and so on. Your basic 3rd world economic crisis scenario." So here we are.

The C$ hit a 47 year high versus the greenback today, at just under 1.05 US$. It climbed slightly against the Euro and the Pound, but the story continues to be the US$ tanking (new low versus the Euro). The most surprising part is that if you check the US press, you still don't see many/any mentions of it. Considering that the US imports more than it exports, it's really baffling.
When Americans buy online, is there any connection between rising US$ prices and the fact that their currency is on the skids? Maybe Cnd stores/services should post a notice or something?

Well the Canadian closed above $1.07 to the American dollar today. You have to go back to American Civil war, when it looked like the confederates was going to sack Washington, to beat that.


The odd thing is that most Americans have no clue that their dollar is in a free fall and have no clue of the long term affects.

This is going to end badly.

The falling dollar is meaningless when those in power have denigrated society, government and democracy so much that we're the United States of Corporate America which represents the Sheeple of this country.

If corporate America is so good at fixing things why have they only profited at my expense and done nothing to fix the issues as the fox news networks and rush limbaughs of the world preach to me they would do?

The sad state of affairs here as simply numbed us to a dollar that has been meaningless for years

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


This isn't so funny anymore. global Stock market and banking collapses rumbled though the Internet this week while mainstream news orgs like The New York Times and CNN pulled their puds over politician's performance techniques. Something is happening, and you don't know what it is, do you Mr. Jones...? to quote the master.

What's happening is that American society is over the edge, free falling into a greater depression, nothing like the one Grandma lived through. On the technical side, there has been unending controversy as to whether we're gripped by inflation or deflation. It's certainly deceptive. Food and gasoline prices are rising faster than the rivers of Iowa. But the prices of assets, like houses, stocks, jet-skis, GMC Yukons and pre-owned Hummel figurines are cratering as America turns into Yard Sale Nation.

We're a very different country than we were in 1932. In that earlier crisis of capital, few people had any money but our society still possessed fantastic resources. We had plenty of everything that our land could provide: a treasure trove of mineral ores and the equipment to refine it all, a wealth of oil and gas still in the ground, and all the rigs needed to get at it, manpower galore (and of a highly disciplined, regimented kind), with fine-tuned factories waiting for orders. We had a railroad system that was the envy of the world and millions of family farms (even despite the dust bowl) owned by people who retained age-old skills not yet degraded by agribusiness. We had fully-functional cities with operating waterfronts and ten thousand small towns with local economies, local newspapers, and local culture.

We had a crisis of capital in the 1930s for reasons that are still debated today. My own guess is a combination of a bad debt workout that sucked "money" into a black hole (since money is loaned into existence, but vanishes if the loans are not systematically paid back) plus a gross saturation of markets, meaning that every American who had wanted to buy a car or an electric toaster had done so and there was no one left to sell to. (The first round of globalism -- 1870 - 1914 -- had shut down after the fiasco of World War One.)

Our debt problems today are of a magnitude so extreme that astronomers would be hard pressed to calculate them. By any rational measure our society is comprehensively bankrupt. From the federal treasury down to the suburban cul-de-sacs so much loaned money is either not being paid back, or is at risk of never being paid back, that the suckage of presumed wealth has passed through an event horizon out of the known universe into some other realm of space-time, never to be seen again in this realm. This would seem to be the very essence of monetary deflation -- money defaulted out-of-existence.

This condition is partly disguised by both the loss of credibility of US currency and real-world scarcities of oil and food, but the upshot will be something at least twice as bad as the Great Depression of the 1930s: people with no money in a land with no resources (with manpower that has no discipline), hardly any family farms left, cities that are basket-cases of bottomless need, comatose small towns stripped of their assets and social capital, an aviation industry on the verge of death, and a railroad system that is the laughingstock of the world. Not to mention the mind-boggling liabilities of suburbia and the motoring infrastructure that services it.

The banks have been doing their death dance for an entire year now, pretending that their problems are those of mere "liquidity" (i.e. cash-on-hand) rather than insolvency (no cash either on hand or in the vault and nothing else to sell to raise cash except worthless "creative" securities that nobody would ever buy). But the destruction of money (resulting from loans not paid back) is now so intense that the game of pretend has reached its terminal point. The question for the moment is exactly who and what will be crushed as these institutions roll over and die.

Complicating matters is a global oil predicament that is really not hard to understand, but which the organs of news and opinion have obdurately failed to explicate for an anxious public. Call it Peak Oil. There are only a few elements of it you need to know. 1.) that demand has now outstripped supply; 2.) that few new discoveries they are willing to develop are intended to be too meager to offset consumption; 3.) That under under the circumstances, the systems we rely on for daily life are crumbling. I've called this situation The Long Emergency.

Our chances of mitigating this, and of continuing our current way-of-life is about zero. I've tried to promote the idea that rather than waste remaining resources in the futile attempt to sustain the unsustainable (i.e. come up with "solutions" to keep suburbia running), that we should begin immediately making other arrangements for daily life -- mainly by downscaling and re-scaling everything from farming to commerce to the way we inhabit the landscape -- but my suggestions have proven unpopular even among the "environmental" elites, who are too busy being entranced by new-and-groovy ways to keep all the cars running.

So where we are at now is the equivalent of standing in the slop by the ocean shore under a gathering hundred-foot-high wave that is about to come crashing down on our heads. Since I sure don't know everything, I can't say how this will all play out in the weeks ahead, especially with the presidential election coming at the exact moment that the disinherited voters will be turning on their furnaces for the cold and dark winter beyond. I would venture to say that so far our society as a whole has done a piss-poor job of comprehending the situation. But there is still the possibility, with four months of politicking left, that the nature of our predicament can be articulated in a way that few can fail to understand, the way Mr, Lincoln articulated the terms of the Civil War on the eve of its fateful outbreak.

Psalm 23 - Psalm of David

I was just going to give you poor wretched souls, Psalm 23: However this is even better, it should help to relieve our fears and bolster our faith, that we can indeed prevail over what may seem at the moment, to be a dubious future.

Spiritual affirmations are positive, statements of intention, that facilitate manifestation. This particular Biblical Psalm used as spiritual affirmation both protects us and connects us with our Higher Faith, and therefore our Higher Destiny. It has been traditionally recited for thousands of years when one desires attaining a calm certainty during life's challenging transitions.

To receive the greatest benefit, we allow a few minutes to calm ourselves down, centering ourselves and creating our own sacred space, before the recitation of the following affirmation.

Psalm 23 - Psalm of David

Traditional Translation

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.”

Spiritual Translation when used as Affirmation:

“My Higher Power shepherds me.

In Its guidance and protection, I lack nothing.

In my place of rest among the green meadows, I find inner peace and tranquility.

I receive my guidance emanating from the still waters within.

My soul restoring itself, the cares of yesterday flow out with ease and all the burdens with them.

Releasing me unto the paths of righteousness (right-use-ness), I am aligned with, and guided by, the Higher Essence.

Even when I do walk in the valley of darkness and uncertainty, I fear no evil, for You my Source are always with me.”

We then conclude with the following:

I am aligned with the ancient message of this above Psalm. It is my belief. This governs my thinking today. Nothing can stop my Highest Good from coming to me, for my mind is rested in G-d. Peace fills my whole being. There is nothing to fear, for G-d is all there really is. I claim this Presence as my own. I trust in Its guidance and direction. All is well and all is good. I give thanks for another Great Day.

Remember This? Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.
~ Jack London ~

Yes indeed! We will live, and we will dance to our victory over the ominous dark clouds of adversity. You poor beggars may just end up at my big rambling home, but oh, what a happy house it would be.
To be honest, I have no reason to be here except for Caren, and even she never wanted to know me, yet over the years, we have evolved into a strange undefinable kind of friendship, that seems to be unquenchable. Now I have gotten attached to all you people as well, but you got to come out of your little private Hells, and talk to me. I've come to love Dave, Sarah, mysterious Joel, and almost everyone, even bitchin Wes, I hold in high regard. The shit has done hit the fan! Don't wait for the blow back!
For the sake of your loved ones we need to start planing alternatives including emergency evacuations.
Caren my friend, I wish you had a much better paladin, but I seem to be the only one with military experience, and that sucks. I wish I had another with more advanced survival training to work with me.

It will be ok folks, quit shaking in your boots. We got a little time to work with, and a little music too.
James Bond Live and Let Die

Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining video

Linkin Park - What I've Done

Sunday, October 05, 2008

All my sheep have gone astray

"Well, what a surprise, we’ve been sold down the river for the usual "thirty pieces of silver" by our Congress and our President, working together in unison, for the nth time".

"The $700 billion bailout, a mere sideshow, sweetened with 150 billion in pork, has now been approved so that Wall Street can continue to game the system and its hapless suckers, the American sheople. Just put some pork in, and the hungry piranha in Congress would legislate their own mothers into slavery for a nice juicy morsel of that pork. And never mind the moral hazard dripping from the pork, because that makes it taste all the sweeter".

I wish it were possible I could be a little more like Caren, she seems to glow, in the face of adversity, so cool and calm is she, it is no wonder I call her mom, but if Caren is an ideal Blog Mother, then I must seem like a foreboding Dutch uncle. Somehow I have to forge a bunch of self centered independent assholes, into The A-Team! Now you know what the (A) stands for. Hey, I would not shit any of you .. You're my favorite turds. As you can see by my dancing on the gallows steps, I've taken a lighter approach toward saving your lives. Think you survived the Wall Street earthquake? Well the big tsunami hasn't got here yet! You guys need to start holding hands with Caren, and each other or be washed away by the great tide, that is so sure to come. I am proud to have a mixed gang of buccaneers, and scholars. As for the Jews in my crew, it will be just like in the last depression, as you are all part of that bogus ancient conspiracy, the hard times to come will all be your fault. To be fair, Jews endured the last great depression better than most, Americans. "In October of 1930 the Eureka Benevolent Society -- the precursor to the S.F.-based Jewish Family and Children's Services -- handled 174 clients and gave away $7,000. Nearly 2-1/2 years later, the same organization served 635 clients and doled out $19,000". That may not seem like much today, but we are talking about real gold backed dollars back then. The paper we now use for money, will soon be worthless, as the United States implodes on it's self.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Oktoberfest !

The proper function of man is to live, not to exist.
Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we diet.

Oktoberfest Hit 2008

German Hillbilly Music.
Scary Heavy Metal Polka

2 Unlimited - No Limit

2 Unlimited -Twilight Zone

Hey why worry, when you got me on your side? We Can Work It Out! There will always be good times, because we make things happen. Party for the love of God people! Turn up the music, and dance!
For now is the time for us to Come Together.
Beer" Music Video- Reel Big Fish.

And the world is Numa Numa, Numa Numa Crazy! Numa Numa
Numa Numa Numa Numa Numa Numa Hebrew

Numa Numa vs Angry German Kid

New Numa - The Return of Gary Brolsma!

Osama bin Laden - Numa Numa

O Zone - Dragostea Din Tei (numa-numa) original

Let me love you

Leave your worries behind, and sail away with me

I will take you forever!

Perhaps it should be noted, that Oktoberfest always ends on the first Sunday in October, and begins 16 days prior to that date.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Benjamin Franklin's Solution

by Dr. Ellen Brown:

Nationalization has traditionally had a bad name in the United States, but it could be an attractive alternative for the American people and our representative government as well. Turning bankrupt Wall Street banks into public institutions might allow the government to get out of the debt cyclone by undoing what got us into it. Instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul, flapping around in a sea of debt trying to stay afloat by creating more debt, the government could address the problem at its source: it could restore the right to create money to Congress, the public body to which that solemn duty was delegated under the Constitution.

The most brilliant banking model in our national history was established in the first half of the eighteenth century, in Benjamin Franklin's home province of Pennsylvania. The local government created its own bank, which issued money and lent it to farmers at a modest interest. The provincial government created enough extra money to cover the interest not created in the original loans, spending it into the economy on public services. The bank was publicly owned, and the bankers it employed were public servants. The interest generated on its loans was sufficient to fund the government without taxes; and because the newly issued money came back to the government, the result was not inflationary.7 The Pennsylvania banking scheme was a sensible and highly workable system that was a product of American ingenuity but that never got a chance to prove itself after the colonies became a nation. It was an ironic twist, since according to Benjamin Franklin and others, restoring the power to create their own currency was a chief reason the colonists fought for independence. The bankers' money-creating machine has had two centuries of empirical testing and has proven to be a failure. It is time the sovereign right to create money is taken from a private banking elite and restored to the American people to whom it properly belongs.

My nephew has lost $50,000. I know some of you are really hurting too, and it is not going to get better anytime soon. I wish I could tell you to save your money for the hard times to come, but we have only worthless fiat paper, with no fixed value!
It is difficult for Americans to come to grips with the fact that their total money supply is backed by nothing but debt, and it is even more mind boggling to visualize that, if everyone paid back all that was borrowed, there would be no money left in existence. That's right, there would not be one penny in circulation -- all coins and all paper currency would be returned to bank vaults -- and there would be not one dollar in any one's checking account. In short, all money would disappear.
Look I am not Moses, and I can't lead you to the land of milk and honey; and I can't keep sending Caren out to check on your little
boo-boos. Indeed, She has been G-d's gift to me, for without her encouraging support, I would have quit, and just drifted away long ago. We must all learn to help each other, and for a lucky few, this is a good time to be Jewish. For throughout history, no one thrives, and excels in the face of adversity, better than the Hebrews; when they all work together as one.

Peace, Love and Butterflies

Sorry for all scary posts lately, I am a bit of a rabid anti-fascist. Funny all this week I wanted to write about the art of cooking, indeed, it is one of my passions. Many moons ago, I was a skinny young cook under chef Andorra, at Stouffer's University Inn,
located in my old home town of Columbus Ohio. Maybe next time.

For my little lost wolf.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Abolish the Federal Reserve.

The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.
~ Jack London ~

By Matt Canham
The Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated: 10/02/2008 11:02:16 AM MDT

WASHINGTON - The House may pass the $700 billion Wall Street bailout tomorrow, but they won't get any help from Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah.
Despite the additions to the bill, which includes money for rural counties with large federal land holdings, Matheson will once again vote against the bill. The House first rejected the proposal on Monday, but will have a second try on Friday after the Senate revised and passed the bailout, sweetening it with nearly $110 billion in tax breaks. "I don't believe this bill is the right medicine to cure the disease," Matheson said. "The Senate version is even worse. It's larded up with more debt and doesn't include long-term reform language that would prevent this kind of crisis from happening again." Matheson has been deeply skeptical of the plan, ever since the Bush administration first proposed it two weeks ago. Under the proposal, the Treasury secretary would have vast powers to use taxpayer money to assume the toxic debt from fragile financial institution. The goal is to keep money flowing in the credit markets. But Matheson says: "Economists aren't able to say that this bill is actually going to solve the credit freeze problem." He's not convinced the plan will function as designed or that taxpayers will receive an appropriate return on their investment.
He predicts that Congress will have to take further actions to respond to the financial crisis. "I am certain this isn't the end of the difficulties we face," he said.

There is a reason Ron Paul said we need to abolish the Federal Reserve.
The Federal Reserve will accept STOCKS as collateral for loans. This is allegedly illegal under Section 23A of the Federal Reserve Act (12 USC 371c):
So, are you still living under the belief that you live in a society governed by law?
Absolutely not! The judgment of history will be that they broke the law and that the Federal Reserve System has enslaved the American people. I'm not talking about winning or losing an economic battle. The end of the United States as a geopolitical entity is just a part of all this.
This is the beginning of a struggle to decide the future of all of humanity, whether we'll descend again into the darkness of the forms of the past, or create something totally new.
When these stocks (possibly/eventually) tank, the fed's going to have a lot of worthless collateral, right?
Isn't this the same thing that happened to the banks (ie: when the housing values crashed and the mortgages became worthless)?
I think this country is entering into a new era in its economic history. If the fed crashes and all the treasury notes other countries have on us become worthless the dollar is as screwed as we are. Yiiiikes.
Is there no end to this? From military recruits to Congress critters to Supreme Court justices to the president of the United States, all take an oath in which they solemnly swear to "uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. It is beyond hypocritical for someone to swear "to preserve and protect the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic" and subsequently focus on undermining, mitigating or abrogating the very document to which they have sworn protection ... in effect becoming a domestic enemy. We, and the United States Constitution, have been raped repeatedly by these corrupt fascist despots who are in power! Are we to stand by, and allow them to also Rape our children's children?!

If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." ~ Samuel Adams

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."