Friday, October 17, 2008

Tarot Reading for 10/16/08

This is just a general reading, with only the five of you in mind. I'm a little surprised, I was expecting it to come out a little tame. And to my amazement, the one I did for Sarah, came out a little too personal for me to publish. Hey, it's just a computer game, right? The other night, was kind of funny, I accused Caren of being pregnant, the cards kept saying that there was a baby on the way.
So now back to the reading:

The following current situation is happening:
(1)A fair, light-eyed masculine person, who likes the country, and the things mother earth gives us. Could represent you or someone who is wise, educated, mature and loyal and is seen as a father figure or leader. If it is someone you know, you look up to this person and can ask them for advice.
This current situation is amplified by: You or an auburn-haired feminine person, with light eyes one who is nature loving, fond of children and home life. This person is loyal and capable of strong friendship. If this is you, then your friends are lucky to have you.
This reading is in relation to: Your love life, intimate partner or lover.

The outcome of this current situation:

(2)Time of sorrow or tears, could be tied to a 3 party situation. Distress due to separation, conflict or absence.
This reading is in relation to: A financial situation within a partnership or marriage, which is not going well.

In your past and behind you:

(3)An adventurous quest. You will do what you want, leave people, and places behind. This may indicate an impulsive action. Normally this is a good card, especially if you are a person who loves adventure and change. If not, you may see this as a bad and scary change in your life.
This reading is in relation to: Your professional, academic or business life, possibly specific to a project or task

What is foremost on your mind:

(4)Your skills and knowledge are above everyone. Financial rewards are expected because of your personal effort.
This reading is in relation to: Your preoccupation with a financial situation or your possessions. Your wealth or a monetary situation are specifically impacted through too much control or restriction.

In your immediate future (next several days):

(5)You or someone you know who is worldly, a leader, and protective of those he loves. This person is masculine, has dark-hair and eyes, and has been very successful professionally.
This reading is in relation to: You feel as if you need time to think. Time to retreat from the direct situation and get a clear view or different perspective.

Currently the cards see you as:

(6) You or a masculine person who has brown hair and eyes. This person is authoritative, and ambitious, and demands respect. May be an expert in arts, science or law and makes an excellent counselor. This person can be trusted to help those in need.
This reading is in relation to: Travel or movement in your professional or business life, possibly specific to a project or task

Your current strengths are:

(7)An illusory situation, fraud or entrapment. Don't let others fool you or take advantage, you have an idea of who or what it is.
This reading is in relation to: You will find the truth in the middle of this murky situation. Staying focused on your goals, and using caution will bring you to new awareness and meaning.

The advice for this overall reading:

(8)A traumatic and difficult change that will lead to new awareness. This will have a significant negative impact, which represents illness, unhappiness, or chaos. Eventually after this has passed there will be new opportunities, possibly a feeling of liberation.
This reading is in relation to: Your professional, academic or business life, possibly specific to the start of a project or task. This may also indicate pregnancy or birth

In your future or final outcome:

(9)An imminent move to a calm and peaceful place. This is very indicative of a journey or travel, for business or pleasure.
This reading is in relation to: You or a feminine person who is psychic, wise and very knowledgeable. If this represents you then your foresight and ability to make decisions are well tuned.

The overall impression of this reading

(10)Things are not too bad, but they are also not good. There are some problems and issues that you need to deal with. You may feel as if you are not accomplishing what you would like because there are obstacles in your way. You need to be careful, re-evaluate your relationships and goals in life, and make the necessary adjustments.

Oh boy, this blog reading is indeed a strange one. I did readings for Caren, and Dave, they all came out better than this one.

PS. After posting this, I did another reading for us, and once again, the end was not so good.

In your future or final outcome:

A traumatic change that will lead to new awareness. This will have a significant negative impact, it could represent illness, a catastrophe, unhappiness, chaos.
This reading is in relation to: A time for soul searching and caution. You are alone in this quest for answers and truth after this hard hitting event.

The overall impression of this reading:

Things are average in your life right now. There are some issues and problems, but also some good things. This is typical life, with no major worries, or major celebrations going on. You may be in transition or working on something, but the final result or what your future will bring is not completely set. Additionally your final outcome is showing some strife and bad things. You are in need of help.
The cards found this special reading: Your final outcome though it appears to bad, very difficult, or traumatic, can be something good for you. You may not understand why these hardships occur, but when you look back, you will see it was for the better. You are in control and how you handle the situation will reflect as a positive or negative final outcome.
I would not worry there are six of us, and one is already hurting very deeply, and when a friend hurts, I hurt along with them.
Empathy sucks.

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Alas, it's not me. I'm auburn by choice, but I have dark brown eyes....all that Italian and Spanish, y'know.