Sunday, October 05, 2008

All my sheep have gone astray

"Well, what a surprise, we’ve been sold down the river for the usual "thirty pieces of silver" by our Congress and our President, working together in unison, for the nth time".

"The $700 billion bailout, a mere sideshow, sweetened with 150 billion in pork, has now been approved so that Wall Street can continue to game the system and its hapless suckers, the American sheople. Just put some pork in, and the hungry piranha in Congress would legislate their own mothers into slavery for a nice juicy morsel of that pork. And never mind the moral hazard dripping from the pork, because that makes it taste all the sweeter".

I wish it were possible I could be a little more like Caren, she seems to glow, in the face of adversity, so cool and calm is she, it is no wonder I call her mom, but if Caren is an ideal Blog Mother, then I must seem like a foreboding Dutch uncle. Somehow I have to forge a bunch of self centered independent assholes, into The A-Team! Now you know what the (A) stands for. Hey, I would not shit any of you .. You're my favorite turds. As you can see by my dancing on the gallows steps, I've taken a lighter approach toward saving your lives. Think you survived the Wall Street earthquake? Well the big tsunami hasn't got here yet! You guys need to start holding hands with Caren, and each other or be washed away by the great tide, that is so sure to come. I am proud to have a mixed gang of buccaneers, and scholars. As for the Jews in my crew, it will be just like in the last depression, as you are all part of that bogus ancient conspiracy, the hard times to come will all be your fault. To be fair, Jews endured the last great depression better than most, Americans. "In October of 1930 the Eureka Benevolent Society -- the precursor to the S.F.-based Jewish Family and Children's Services -- handled 174 clients and gave away $7,000. Nearly 2-1/2 years later, the same organization served 635 clients and doled out $19,000". That may not seem like much today, but we are talking about real gold backed dollars back then. The paper we now use for money, will soon be worthless, as the United States implodes on it's self.

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