Sunday, November 02, 2008

We Are Family

The proper function of man is to entertain women, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to avoid them. I shall use my hands.
~ Da Keeper ~

In the past 20 years I was home for Halloween maybe twice, most times I was at a party, with some blond, or I was at work. This time I wanted to really put on the dog for all the little spooks and goblins. I had 8 pounds of apples, 6 pounds of candy, fireworks, and chicken embryos with assorted caned consumables. but all was too quiet up on the hill. the town down below was giving a party for the kids. I got only two of the little devils, one 3, dressed as a pirate and the other about 4 years old dressed as a robot. I crammed all the candy I could into their small bags. I was so disappointed, I wish I had kids myself.

"Hit the Road, Jack!"

Ladies Night Live - Kool & the Gang


Puttin on the Ritz


Born to be alive

Right here waiting for you.

It must have been love

Holding Out For A Hero.

Men, there is no great mystery to women. They are women, and we are expendable. I know the disk jockeys killed this song by playing it too much, but I still like it. Always a Woman To Me. It reminds me of someone.


Jersey Girl said...

We got about 50 or 60 kids, half of what we usually get. There was a football game at the high school so we got almost no older kids this year. I gave out candy dressed as an undead drag queen. I was fierce.

Walt said...

Wow, now that's more like it! You guys really must of had a good time. I think most of my kids went downtown, and stood in line to get their candy. To me, that takes all the fun and adventure out of it.

NJWT said...

Sorry for not coming around much anymore. But man, what did your state do??

NJWT said...

I don't know if you can see this without being a facebook member, but check it out - it's easy to join if you need, too.