Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The dark side of love

Whisky Lullaby


S said...

Eh, whiskey, schmiskey. Be specific Mister. RYE! If y'all ah gonna be his'toh'cly acc'rate an' such you'd be singin' to the tune of ma' Richmond, VA, fay-mah-lee :) Moonshine, my dah-ling gentleman caller -- even if my Pappy's not quite within' the law.

Behind the hill
There's a busy little still
Where your Pappy's workin' in the moonlight
Your lovin' paw
Isn't quite within the law
So he's hidin' there behind the hill
Bye bye baby
Stop your yawnin'
Don't cry baby
Day will be dawning
And when it does
From the mountain where he wuz
He'll be coming with jug of moonshine
So count your sheep
Mama's singing you to sleep
With the Moonshine Lullaby

Walt said...

Well well, welcome back to the world little Miss Sunshine. Oh yes, I knew that the unsinkable Sarah Ackerman would be back. Indeed to my delight, I see you are once again tempting me with my favorite cleavage, and that is a very good sign you got your mojo back. He he girl, you still make my fingers twitch. I should say flex, but I like the sound of twitch better. What do you expect from a guy who thinks punctuation is for aesthetic effect?
Ha, you clever little fox; what does Irving Berlin know about white lightning?
I can get you some if you like.

Today's secret word is BACK!
Eat your heart out Pee Wee!

Anonymous said...