Sunday, November 09, 2008

It Hurts Like Hell

Love sick fool, I know it hurts, you think that I have not been down that road a few times myself? Well think again. I never wanted to alarm you, but my heart had perceived that the most grievous tragedy of your life, created a fathomless vacuum in the center of you world.
I did my feeble best to embrace and comfort you. For I knew you could be heading for disaster, and even greater heartache. I did the best that I could under the restrictions, that so hindered my efforts to be a true friend. I wanted share with you my empathy, and help to calm your anguished spirit. I have no trouble seeing into the hearts of men, and I clearly saw the danger. Dear one, you were suffering from anxiety, very lonely, and in other words, you were in an extremely vulnerable state of mind, when you were seduced by that fake shadow of a man. I know all too well, the relentless power of infatuation. You were helpless and so lost in love that you were beyond any ones ability to warn you of the danger.
So now you know how it feels to be me:

I hate writing so generic like this, much like you my friend, it puts severe limitations on my ability to express my true feelings, but in order to preserve your anonymity, I can say little more, except:
Welcome to the club kid.
I got my face back, and in my eyes, so have you!

One has not truly lived, until they have been a Fool for the sake of LOVE!

Nanci Griffith & The Boston Pops


S said...

I'm not love sick, nor does it hurt particularly much. After all, I can ease my sorrow with the crack I purchase from my students and the male midget strippers who I send for in the evenings. ;)

Walt said...

Hey, I try to cover all the bases. I knew that you needed some time to yourself. But at the same time; I wanted you to know, I've had the same experence, if not much worse. For all the pain, we were lucky that things worked out the way they did. Had I married that woman, it would have been hell on earth for me.