Saturday, August 08, 2009


YESTERDAY'S DREAMS - SMOKIE 1982: A sweet song that sounds more like 1962 or maybe the likes of Chad and Jeremy, or
Peter and Gordon. If I loved you yesterday; I still love you today. I never learned how to stop loving people, oh I may try to hide you in the back of my mind, but you are always there because true love never dies. The nice thing about about this incredible Internet, is that it opens doors to multitude of new friendships. And just who you may ask was my first friend on this magic web? It was so long ago that I did not really know what a blog was, or even how e-mail worked. You can imagine my excitement when from a complete stranger, I got my first e-mail back and it's from a news paper editor no less!

It was the beautiful Carren Lissner. "Oh boy", I said to myself; "this will never last, I have not written a thing in ten years! And now I and writing to an editor??" "If she does not know that I'm an idiot by now she will soon find out!" Ha ha, little did I know what a big heart Caren had. For without her kindness and support there would be no blog here for you to enjoy. So now you know just why I am so very fond of the Addled Writer.

It is this time and this place that matter--not some other time or place. What matters is here and now--the people here and now.


suZen said...

Walt - I agree - true love never dies - and also if I love you today I will love you tomorrow :) - and ALSO if I love your blog today I will love your blog tomorrow :)

This is a wonderful place to make new friends!

Walt said...

When Love Comes To Town; it's a beautiful thing. Suzen, you are very lovable indeed.

masterwordsmith said...

The remarkable thing about you, Walt, is that whatever you say or do, you do so, looking through the eyes of love..from the bottomless heart of love that you have....and you speak to build, to love and to care, to share...the little that you think you have...but regarded as LOTS by those of us who love you...


Olga said...

Hi Walter !

beautifull post about Love.
Yes, Love is endless like our spirit.