Sunday, August 16, 2009

The first Americans Were Hairy Ainus?

This is cool, I would not mind being kin to the Ainu.

From Original Wavelength

The Blog Author Rana Sinha:

A blog about cross-cultural issues, culture, comparative religion, psychology, inter-cultural management and communication, international business, team-working and human resource development and management (HRD and HRM).

Ainus - The first Americans? The theory that the Ainus were the first to settle North America is based largely on skeletal and cultural evidence among tribes living in the western part of North America and certain parts of Latin America. The controversial conclusions of Anthropologist Joseph Powell of the University of New Mexico after examining the 9300 year-old remains of Kennewick Man also support this. More about this here.

Who are the AINU? Only about 15 people today speak native Ainu, a language not related to any other. The 150 000 AINU still alive can be found in Hokkaido island of Japan, the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin belonging to Russia now. Many of them may not even know that they are Ainus, as parents and grandparents had to become Japanese and hid their origins to protect children from racial discrimination. Many Ainus dislike the term Ainu because of a common derogatory pronunciation of the word in Japanese (A! Inu!, which means "Ah! A dog!" in Japanese) and prefer to identify themselves as Utari (comrade in the Ainu language).

"The Ainu lived in this place a hundred thousand years before the Children of the Sun came" is told in one of the Ainu legends (Yukar Upopo). In the Jōmon period (14 000 BC – 400 BC) the Japanese people came probably from Korea and drove the native Ainus to the northern periphery islands of Japan. The word ainu means human as opposed to kamuy, a spirit.

It is this time and this place that matter--not some other time or place. What matters is here and now--the people here and now.


Rana Sinha said...

Very good blog with so many interesting topics. Thanks Walter, for finding my piece on Ainus suitable. Keep up the great work. All the best to you.


Walt said...

You are welcome my friend.
I have studied much about your country and have many battle scared relics from your wars of liberation. You are a brave and resourceful people.
Rana, I am very happy to have you as my comrade.

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