Thursday, August 13, 2009

Old way to kill viruses: Shake them to death!

They are calling it a new way, but it is older than my father, how can this be? The only thing new is more evidence that it works. When you think of all the lives it could have saved one can only ask themself why?

Square Wave History

"Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971)
was a brilliant scientist who developed the technology that is still used today in the fields of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics and aviation. He received 14 major awards and honors for his work, as well as an honorary Doctorate by the University of Heidelberg."

Scientists have long been able to destroy viruses in the same way that opera singers presumably shatter wine glasses. Research mathematically determined the frequencies at which simple viruses could be shaken to death.

So why did they keep us in the dark? If this is as true as it looks to be, then it is a crime they are not now using it to save lives.

"The capsid of a virus is something like the shell of a turtle," said physicist Otto Sankey of Arizona State University. "If the shell can be compromised [by mechanical vibrations], the virus can be inactivated."

"New evidence has shown that laser pulses tuned to the right frequency also can kill certain viruses. However, locating these so-called resonant frequencies is a bit of trial and error."

"Experiments must just try a wide variety of conditions and hope that conditions are found that can lead to success."

"To expedite this search, Sankey and his student Eric Dykeman have developed a way to calculate the vibrational motion of every atom in a virus shell. From this, they can determine the lowest resonant frequencies".

As an example the satellite tobacco necrosis virus resonates strongly around 60 Gigahertz (where one Gigahertz is a billion cycles per second), as reported in the American Institute of Physics.

The long overdue virus' death knell

All objects have resonant frequencies at which they naturally oscillate. Pluck a guitar string and it will vibrate at a resonant frequency. The Royal Rife Story.



Do not tempt me to say
What will hurt the foolish you
My lips are sealed
and so are your truth
There is no reason
Why I must succumb
For I do not say yes
to falsity and lies..

I am calloused..
I feel no pain
For my heart is filled
with truth and joy..

Cotabato City, Central Mindanao, Philippines

It is this time and this place that matter--not some other time or place. What matters is here and now--the people here and now.

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