Thursday, February 05, 2009


Namaste` to all.
A very dear friend always addressed me with that Greeting. I knew not at first what was its great significance, now I do.
Namaste` is indeed very special!
It has been very cold down here! I hope you all are keeping warm.

I'm finished ranting and raving over a friends low opinion of herself. I just want to make it clear that God carries no vendetta against women. Only men do. We men want our God to have a very large Penis and a biggest set of Balls to match. Sorry, God is God! And is often more of a Mother than a Father to us all. You could not ask for a more ideal single parent.

It is time for you my people, my tribe; to become Rainbow Warriors!


The Totton Linnet said...

Hah! got u on your own turf Daniel Boone, your friend is not like me who has an extraordinary high opinion of herself and of all vessels [and potential vessels] .. but what saith it but the Word is nigh thee even in thy mouth...

Kelt Queen said...

I really like the "Rainbow Warriors"! I forwarded it to my friends who went to the Hopi Indian Reservation with me.
Also, "Namaste" is good too...I use it on many ocasions!

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