Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sois ma Valentine:

True Love, is indeed the most wonderful of all feelings in this world.
I wish you, lots & lots & lots & lots of bunnies!

I always gave a valentine to my mother, this song (The Zimmers,) made me think of her. She would have liked it.


Igakely said...

Thank you !

And have many kisses from your dearest ...

Walt said...

Ma chère dame, si j'ai voyagé dans le monde, la recherche des hrart qui est doux.
J'ai pu trouver aucun de plus doux que vous!

Anonymous said...

Guess who? I have no idea what you said. Katrina

Walt said...

Welcome Anonymous. This can be none other than the ghost of Katrina! A mysterious sprite who only haunts the dead blog of "The Anonymous Blogger". This is indeed a a surprising treat.

Igakely said...

Pour vos délicieuses paroles !

Walt said...

Things are and will be good for you. There are some minor difficulties but they should not affect you. There are many good things in store for you now and in your future.
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I'm still looking, but it is a fun game to play.