Monday, December 08, 2008

Love in action

The proper function of man (or a woman)is to love, not just to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.
~ Almost Jack London ~

Life should be love in action. That is why sitting still and not doing anything eventually leads to decay and disintegration of being. The dance of life is best experienced by connecting with others. The more loving a group of living beings is, the more they are connecting and interacting with one another. To connect gives us more energy and passion for the joys of life itself. Every activity that is presented in this world is for the purpose of making that connection between people. The Providence of life is the evolution of the ways that we learn to connect.

How many times have we heard that old commercial slogan, "Reach out and touch someone"? Yet the fear of rejection is so strong, it becomes tempting for many of us to set back and do nothing.
Live to love, and love to live. Is that not the answer?
Explore the power in the divine unity that is Love.


Robin Easton said...

This is a very powerful message.

What is interesting is that I was just thinking about blogging this AM as I replied to some comments. And as I wrote each reply I thought of a blog that doesn't really respond to the person but rather to the "concept" of what has been said. Now I know that we are all different and I gratefuly embrace that reality everyday.

But I started thinking that maybe I "should" be imparting some "great" words of wisdom in each of my reponses to in-coming comments. And THEN I thought, "Well, that just isn't ME; it's not my way."

THEN I thought all I want to do is just hug or love the amazing people who come to my blog. They are filled with kindness, insight and compassion...and THAT is what touches me, changes me.

In light of that, what I feel compelled to respond to is the beauty, honesty and love in them. And "spiritual concepts" or "profound wisdom" (LOL!) from me does not do that. But loving them back, seeing the gift they are giving me and thanking them, loving them for it does do that.

THEN, I thought there is a difference between telling someone how to love...and simply loving them.

Regardless, I have no grand concepts, no profound words of wisdom, I have only my own humble life to offer. I do know how to love.

I am very moved by what you wrote her. Love IS an action, a verb, it is not a concept. It must be lived. And I think the more it's lived the more we recieve. The more be LIVE Love, the more we become Love.

Thank you for sharing such important and beautiful sentiments.


Walt said...

Robin, true wisdom comes from the heart. If you try to conjure it out of your mind, then you are missing point. If I had only my mind to work with, I'd be an idiot, and sometimes I am, despite my best efforts. Unlike you my friend, I'm still half outlaw. Without love, I would cease to exist as a human being.