Friday, December 12, 2008

Finding Love

Dating Tips For My Girls:

Many of my best girls are already married, it is the best way to face an uncertain future. As for the rest of my dear ones, I can't think of a better time to find you a good prince of a man. It would do my heart good, knowing you that you have someone noble and strong to protect and keep you safe. I have never met a single one of you, and yet you are all so delightful, it feels as if I'm flirting with the angels in Heaven. For those who make me smile, nothing but the best will do!

Some of you may remember, I did Videojug once before. They have some excellent advice, and most of them are full of good humor.

"For women, the world of dating should be fun and fulfilling and not fraught and fractious. And, if you have the right information and tips, it will be just that.
VideoJug can help; with the help of renowned dating coach Michele Hubatsek, we will answer dozens of your most critical questions about getting a date and making sure that the date is a great success. Or, if it isn’t, how you can escape with grace".

When you find someone, make sure that he fully respects you for who you are, not what he wants you to be.

Bettie Page, A Sexual Icon, Dies
December 12, 2008 - 12:00 pm, By Mandy - Hofstra


Me-Me King said...

Sound advice - don't forget loyalty, trust, honesty, understanding, tolerance and love.

Walt said...

Yes, that is what real men are made of. Don't settle for an imitation. Finding a noble heart can take a little time. For they are the exception, not thr rule.

earthmother said...

Oh, Walter, you are a keeper!

I've been missing my Dad a lot recently, with the holidays approaching. Four years now, since he's moved on to the Spirit realm.

It would do my heart good, knowing that you have someone noble and strong to protect and keep you safe.

He uttered almost those same words to me, forever his 'little girl,' before he left. No matter how old, Daddy's always worry about their daughters.

Walt said...

We miss our fathers more than we ever thought we would. While we were young, it seemed as if they would live forever. There are so many questions I never ask; so many feelings I never expressed. Although they are gone, their love is still with us.