Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life's Moments

Life's changing every moment
Life is now a shade
Life is now sunshine
Every moment on earth
Live life to the fullest
Whatever time you have is yours
For tomorrow might never come
Someone to love you with all their heart
Is difficult to come by
Should there be someone like that
They are the one for you, be sure
Their hand, you must take
For all you know, tomorrow might never be
In the realm of your eyes
Should someone get close to you
Try a millions times to control your crazy heart
But it shall continue to beat wildly
But think it over
This moment, this legend
For it might not exist tomorrow
And if you feel like you can't carry on
Your heart grieves and your eyes cry
That which has to happen is happening
Forget about it
For no trace of this may remain tomorrow
Every moment here
Live life to the fullest
This is the moment, for tomorrow may never be
Who knows what tomorrow may hold?

Author unknown:

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