Friday, September 26, 2008


It is rare to have the boss chime in, but she had enough of my little pity party. She seems to know me a little too well for comfort, for it is as if she could read my mind. A very unfair advantage, and at the same time I am fortunate that she likes me. She, in her protective kindness, won't even allow this fool to humble his self. The boss blocking every attempt I make, and keeps reinforcing me whenever I try to do so. I often feel like an overly protected child, that can do wrong. It has been that way almost from day one. Many years have passed, yet strange as it may seem after all these years of loyal friendship, we are still not on speaking terms. Ours is a very unique relationship, we never made, or will make demands, to be anymore than what we are. After the first 6 months, I nicknamed her Turtle; for she was in no hurry to be rid of me, yet nor was she set on keeping me as a close friend. However, by this present time, we have a long standing bond of trust that cannot be broken, but it is indeed one for the books. I have never seen the likes of it, and I doubt I will ever see one like it again. Who knows? It just may last another 50 years or more. Indeed, it is really cool, if you just stop, and think about it. She was the first, the very first, person to ever reply to me by e-mail! I may not have the first girl, I ever kissed, I may not have the first girl, I ever danced with, but at least I have something more purer than gold, that has stood the test of time, and will last until the very end.

David Alexander

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