Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time for a change II.

Time for a change.
I said this all before, "I am not sure of what it is; but then I am seldom satisfied with myself".
"Even though I can make some people laugh, using the Internet in this way still feels a bit alien to me. I only feel secure when I can fully employ all my physical talents and abilities, something that one can not do here. Though I may never see the day, I must continue to strive for perfection".
"For only when I am able to blog with the best will I ever be content".
HA, piss on perfection! And blog with the best said I? I can forget that!
Alas, to my distress, people are calling me rabbi now.
There is only one Rabbi. And when he speaks only the heart can hear.
Not even I take the proper time away from the world, to listen to my heart.
For my casual idolatry, ti's surely the source of all my heartache and woe. Of all people, Dave, a mensch of comme il faut. Who was once called an old fashioned fuddy duddy, by a very attractive, and worldly young tart; knows what it is like to have someone BIG, to be looking over his shoulder. If having a noble character, is to be called old fashioned, then let it be so.
We run as best we can, but there is no place for us to hide. First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin. Yes, Berlin altered my life, I must go back. I love the voice of Leonard, and the older I get, the more he seems like a brother.

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