Wednesday, September 03, 2008

American Beauty

My most dependable friends have been women, but then again, my most fickle of friends have all been women too. One must choose his consorts wisely, I look for the things I admire most in a woman. An intrepid heart, an audacious spirit, a clever mind. As well as love and loyalty; two vital pillars that must be earned, and can never just be demanded. There are few that can compare with Sarah. I find her to be the most appetent of all. Sarah has suffered long with me, indeed she has been exceedingly steadfast, ignoring my little tantrums, and brash behavior. She is remarkably intuitive, having no idea what I look like, and yet she has great faith in me. I must admit that this wonderful lady, is my most mysterious enigma, out of all those who care for me.

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