Friday, July 18, 2008


I used to say I write whatever pleases me. Alas to qualify that statement, I'd have to find something that I've written I'm pleased with. There is no such thing. Screwing with peoples minds is only gratifying when I have something useful about life to teach. And I'm never going to get this bunch to think outside the box. They think abstract is just for painters. All abstract philosophical ideas seem to just go out the window. The world cares little about the intrinsic nature of things. Just turn on the TV god, and we will have a ball! Keep an animal in a small box like this for too long and he will be a lot more than just terminally abstract. I think I scare some people, I really do.

Time to dump my old style of writing, and only Caren has passed the test, anyway she knows what a pain I can be. I am older than most blogger, But one thing I'm not, is a baggy pants grand paw. A tuxcedo is about as grandpaw as I get

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