Sunday, July 06, 2008

Love Music

So many people think they know what love is, and yet they don't even have a clue. There is a love power, so immense it is beyond the imagination! It is much more than fathomless ecstasy. This marvellous river of pure love, also has vast comprehensive healing powers. But few ever find it, or know where to seek out a master teacher.

"From the beginning, love of man was the adhesive that connected the people of Israel. For as long as we kept it, we thrived and prospered. But when unfounded hatred prevailed, we declined to ruin and exile. Today, as the people of Israel are at a crucial junction, we need love of man like air. Gladly, the great Kabbalists adapted the wisdom of Kabbalah—the method that teaches how to reach love of man—to our generation."

(11) I wanna know what love is!

(12) Can't Help Falling In Love With You

(13) Color me badd - forever love

(14) There I've Said It Again

(15) Anne Murray Dusty Springfield

(16) Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

(17) Shania Twain You're still the one

(18) From This Moment On

(19) It's In The Way You Love Me

(20) Close Your Eyes Give Me Your Hand

(21) Speak Softly Love (21)

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