Sunday, July 13, 2008

It is good to feel good

Welcome back my friends.

What can I say? Since I was a child; I've been gifted with powers I don't really understand. To peer into the hearts of men, and see the good and evil that lies within. To see future events unfold in dreams and visions. About 4:45 A.M. local time on September 5 1972 I awoke in my barracks after experiencing such a terrible dream! Men with guns were running about, and killing Jews. Some of the Jews tried to flee, they shot at them as they ran. It was so real, and I could tell these men were not Nazis. Little did I know what was taking place just a few miles up the road, it was too late to do any good. Sometimes I get some advanced warning, one minute past midnight on the morning of 9/11. I made the casual remark, that the Arabs were getting ready to attack us. I knew nothing more, the information was useless. I went home to my bed, only to wake up to a nightmare born out of hell. There is much more, but I have said more than I feel comfortable with. Like times when I had to deal with spirits of the dead. Why me of all people? Sometimes I often wonder. The people I try to help, many times have no clue, as to what I am doing in their lives, and knowing when someone is in need, has cost me plenty over the years, but I still try to do my very best.


Sarah said...

"It feels good to feel good"
Now, that's what I like to hear!

Walt said...

Sarah, If you only knew how good I really feel. I've been enraptured in someone's ultimate encompassing love all weekend, I know not why, but the only thing better would be the Divine's eternal, unconditional Love. Keeping in mind that all the love we have to share, is only borrowed from the Divine. I'm even willing to give you credit, This kind of love should always be returned.