Monday, June 01, 2009

World Wide Poverty and Survival

Many parts of the world are over populated and there is high unemployment. Then also you have the problem where corrupt employers use the system to pay as little as possible.

As in the Philippines, if you have less than 10 employees or contract employees that work for less than 6 months, the labor laws and benefits can be ignored.

Many businesses hire their employees for only 5 months, so they can pay less than the prevailing wage and give no benefits. If an employee is good, they might be offered another 5 month contract.

There is also the “It’s ok” mentality where employees are happy to have a job and if the employer is not willing to pay the “13th month” bonus, which is the law, the employee feels “it’s ok, at least I have a job.”

They do much the same with Mexicans here in America. there are also many skilled tradesmen willing to work day jobs for cash, if they can find them. With no real money to secure and protect our wealth, we find ourselves living in a slave state with only one way out.

Most folks in the States live in fair to excellent conditions. There are many who do not have a high income, and at least have an apartment or live with Kinfolks. If needed one could get roommates, but most have some kind of place to live. Yet it is the poor who best know how to live in hard times! Because they have always known it. We the middle class are the ones who will hurt the most.

In the depressed reservations and other areas of the world; there are good people. Such as the folks living deep in the mountains of Appalachia and other countries, where I have special friends so dear to my heart. Some live their lives in arcadian conditions that seem so alien, that many would not understand. But for them, they are happy to have a roof over their heads, somewhere to soft to lay down to sleep and something to eat.

Without a doubt in what I have witnessed over the years, the more humble the family, the more compassion and grace they exhibit. Having experienced their uninhibited love; I often marvel how the enjoyment of even small things means so much to them. They may seem to possess very little, but they are wealthy indeed with so much love for each other.

Whenever I see these kind of living conditions, I've been tempted to feel great sorrow, but over time, I have seen how hospitable and happy these marvelous people are with their friends and family. I pity not the humble, but only envy their path, for they are the backbone of humanity. For from the midst of adversity super souls are created. Indeed we are all the same even though many of us have forgotten our roots. If by giving up all that I have; I could find peace in my heart, I would do so gladly. But few ever take up poverty by choice. We the children of God's Earth, have all the same dreams and desires, to be all we were meant to be. As we dream of a better life, the impoverished also strive to move up in economics, have a nicer home, and a brighter future for their loved ones.
Yet despite all the meddling and exploitation they must suffer, as the world goes to Hell in a hand basket; these noble Children of God, find happiness in what they have, since they know that in this life there are those with much less.

"Be wise and help all beings impartilly, abandoning none.
Waste no opportunities!
This is called following the light".

I need not write of the dark side of poverty, we know it all too well.
Hell on earth, will be the topic for some other day.

People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Take no one for granted and embrace all equally with joy!
Julie A. Manhan ...


suZen said...

Beautifully said! It also brought to my mind the pictures of happy children singing and playing tho they have no shoes and sometimes no homes either. I'm all for equalizing the great wealth around here - nobody should go hungry when some make millions a year!

Helisoa said...

Merci pour cette pensée pour les plus humbles de la terre mais qui sont riches de partage, hospitalité, de joie malgré leurs mauvaises conditions de vie !
A nous qui avons tout ce dont nous avons besoin, remercions tous les jours l'Eternel ... En vérité, tout nous est prêté même la Vie !



Walt said...

Thank you Suzan and Helisoa.
We are at a grave turning point in history, and the next few years will be very challenging times for many of us. Keep in mind that in many places the social structure of the less fortunate has been weakened or destroyed by tyranny, and ruthless exploitation. Millions are now suffering, and millions more will be facing the same fate. Chaos has already come to reign in many places. Yet the complete fiat monetary meltdown as of this date, has not hit home. As I look into the future, I see the old institutions crumbling, and many once stable governments will be falling by the wayside before it is all said and done. Those hallowed words Liberty, Freedom, and Justice; gave our troubled world hope. Let us not forget and abandon them now!