Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life's Little Rotten Potatoes.

Arrr! Shiver me timbers!
I've long been plundering treasures from the Internet sea, but some marvelous plunder is too extensive or are a more appealing read just as they are posted on the grand blog galleons that bare them. There is nothing worse than carrying a bunch of rotten taters around in you head. So I will give you a little taste, then send you off to read the full story, if you like, or you could just stay here and clean the dust off this monitor.

Tao Living:

The Tao of Forgiveness

by Derek Lin

One day, the sage gave the disciple an empty sack and a basket of potatoes. "Think of all the people who have done or said something against you in the recent past, especially those you cannot forgive. For each of them, inscribe the name on a potato and put it in the sack."

The disciple came up quite a few names, and soon his sack was heavy with potatoes.

"Carry the sack with you wherever you go for a week," said the sage. "We'll talk after that."

At first, the disciple thought nothing of it. Carrying the sack was not particularly difficult. But after a while, it became more of a burden. It sometimes got in the way, and it seemed to require more effort to carry as time went on, even though its weight remained the same.

After a few days, the sack began to smell. The carved potatoes gave off a ripe odor. Not only were they increasingly inconvenient to carry around, they were also becoming rather unpleasant.

Finally, the week was over. The sage summoned the disciple. "Any thoughts about all this?" >>

My friend, the link under (Tao Living), is quicker.

People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Take no one for granted and embrace all equally with joy!
Julie A. Manhan ...

12 comments: said...

Hi dear Walt,

WOW!!! This is a story I will NEVER forget! I love that. It really is what it's like if we carry around all that excess baggage. This exercise would a be a great thing to do with kids when they are little because I bet they would never forget it. At a later age they would just ditch the sack but not necessarily the grievances.

You know, Walt, you talk about ME, my word, I cannot get over the fountain of information and wisdom that you not only express HERE but on my site as well. I just LOVED that last comment you made about the three kinds of forgiveness. I'd never heard that and found it very beautiful as well as insightful.

I have never been much of a scholar so I am very impressed with your wealth of knowledge. It often has made me curious as to where it all comes from. And you not only have a wealth of knowledge but you strike me as very psychic and intuitive as well. Visionary.

Thank you my dear friend. I've been slow in visiting my favorite blogs due to work. Had almost no time for commenting let alone posting. But it is always enriching and touching when I connect with you.

Many hugs,

masterwordsmith said...

Hi Walt,

I came across this story in the same web site last month and for the life of me, cannot remember if I posted it or not...but that is not impt.

What is impt is that once again, this shows that we are on the same wavelength - visiting the same sites and drawn to the same articles!


Take care and have a great week, dear Walt.


suZen said...

I love stories like this - thank you for yet another brilliant foray into the land of zen. I've always used carrying a sack of dirty laundry in my own little metaphorical example. Like WHY do it? It's heavy and it stinks and it definitely makes the journey harder. I prefer to have my hands free for opportunities as they pop up, my hands free to greet, and my arms free to embrace.

GREAT post!

Helisoa said...

Hi dear Walt !

Our fellow man is not a burden but a brother!

Our world and our life will go better when we’ll live that:
"We are responsible for our fellow man"

Take care of you,

Have a good week,



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