Friday, April 24, 2009

New LapTop Blues

My big ass computer is down, with 4 hard drives it is three computers in one huge tower, it seemed indestructible, but it had one weak link, the mouse. Something killed the little bastard. It worked fine until I downloaded the latest AVG. Now I am stuck with using this fancy mouseless laptop from hell, and it is driving me nuts! It seems to have a mind of it's own, and will jump around when I am in the middle of writing something. Like just as I was writing this; it jumped up and erased my title then posted it's self. As if the little upstart could not wait to tell the world that the king was dead. I miss the big guy, There are no games to play, and the sound quality of music on the LT sucks. Yet it did jump into a song I like very much, and I would like share it with a girl that I feel very close to. As we are both graduates from hell. And I was deeply moved by what I both heard and saw! I find myself asking what is true beauty?? Susan Boyle (1) of 2: Cry Me A River - Julie London 1956: And now, Susan Boyle (2) of 2!

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