Monday, January 12, 2009


Friends, the following is a modified letter I intended to write for Robin Easton: As I began it soon morphed into something more worthy of a post. Although much of it had to be changed, the facts about this wonderful lady are still the same.

As with many of you whom I hold in my highest esteem, our Robin is a very animated apostle of life; always sowing the good seeds of wisdom and love, wherever she goes. Often we never see the results of the good seeds we plant, here are but two of the thousands she has planted. The first was the seed of friendship, when she honored me with her friendship, I began to pay attention to everything she said: Like this little gift from the seed of wisdom -("I like this site because it raises some very important questions which make me think. It has a (Gooolge Translator) on it that translate the articles into many many languages"). Yes, without this precious little seed of knowledge, Goolge Translator was something that would have never entered my mind. I know this may not seem like much, but armed with this gift, I was able to aid a very compassionate lady trapped by a language barrier, Now everyone can understand the terrible plight she is so concerned with.
Thank you Robin; you are a real friend indeed!

All truly wise thoughts have been thoughts already thousands of times; but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again honestly, till they take root in our personal experience.
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Robin Easton said...

My dear Walter, I am so moved by this. Stunned and VERY honored. Due to your own caring heart I went to Olga's site and was reading her latest post on AIDS. I still have tears in my eyes. I also revisited our Russian friend's site, with the Google translator on it. So you my kind friend have not only honored me but have enriched my whole evening by taking me to these other caring sites as well. For all of it, I thank you from my heart. Wow, the power of kindness can be far reaching and staggering. This was a heartwarming treat for me.

Walt said...

Robin you were the spark that set the fire, and had you not the wise presence to mention the transator, there would have been no way I could have helped dear Olga. Now she can speak to many nations.

Me-Me King said...

Walt - this is a lovely post. So true, Robin Easton is an extraordinary spirit.