Friday, January 02, 2009

Going Nowhere

Lena Zavaroni sings Going Nowhere:

When a person sings from their soul, they become part of song. This is a rare talent that only a few singers ever achieve, it is said that Judy Garland had it, even Elvis could do it with some songs. Alas, these wonderful people seem to die young. I remember well I cried a bitter tear, when the enrapturing voice of Caren Carpenter was silenced by anorexia.

Lena Zavaroni (November 4, 1963 - October 1, 1999), was a Scottish child singer and a television show host. With her album Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me at ten years of age, she is the youngest person in history to have an album in UK album chart top ten. Later in life she hosted tv shows and appeared on stage. She died at the age of 35 from a botched operation, after a long battle with anorexia nervosa.

In memory of Lena Zavaroni

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HANNA said...

auguri for 2009!!!
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You said what You feel inside - tutte cose giuste.
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