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Aerial Phenomena 1*

This opening page is old news, but it goes to show why our government no longer reports U.F.O's. They have no way of defending us against these illegal aliens.

I came to earth in the middle of one of the biggest UFO flaps in history.
I have seen so many myself, that I think nothing of it anymore. What you are about to read, are just a few of what our government is willing to officially admit are real unexplained events.

"Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools." - Napoleon

The harbinger of the flap, the mysterious and still unexplained green fireballs appeared, primarily over New Mexico, observed by many scientists in November 1951, just before the colossal 1952 sighting wave began. Also notable in these events is the concentration over sensitive military and scientific installations in New Mexico. This fact was commented upon in at least two Air Force documents (Hall, 1988, p. 200). One, an OSI report from New Mexico in 1950, expressed concern about “the continued occurrence of unexplained phenomena of this nature in the vicinity of sensitive installations.” During the 1958–1960 trough (see Table 3), there were an unusual number of “blatant display” cases for this early period of UFO history. Though the displays were not unprecedented, they did not become more common until much later. They were unusual for that time:

July 21, 1952; San Marcos AFB, Texas. 10:40 p.m. Witnesses: one Lieutenant, two Staff Sergeants, three airmen. One blue circle with a blue trail was seen to hover and then accelerate to near-sonic speed (700+ m.p.h.) after 1 minute.

July 21, 1952; Converse, Texas. 4:30 p.m. Witness: wife of USAF Capt. J. B. Neal. One elongated, fuselage-shaped object flew straight and level, made a right-angle turn and went out of sight at more than 300 m.p.h., all in 3-5 seconds.

July 21, 1952; Rockville, Indiana. 8:10 p.m. Witnesses: one military officer, two enlisted men. One aluminum, delta-shaped object with a vertical fin, flew straight and level, and then hovered during a 3 minute sighting.

July 22, 1952; Los Alamos, New Mexico. 10:50 a.m. Witnesses: control tower operator Don Weins, and two pilots for Carco. Eight large, round, bright aluminum objects flew straight and level, then darted around erratically during 25 minutes.

July 22, 1952; Uvalde, Texas. 2:46 p.m. Witness: Don Epperly, Trans Texas Airlines station manager and weather observer. One large, round, silver object flew at more than 1,000 m.p.h. for 45 seconds, while gyrating.

July 22, 1952; between Boston and Provincetown, Massachusetts. 10:47 p.m. Witnesses: pilot and radar operator of USAF F-94 jet interceptor. One round blue light passed F-94, spinning.

July 22, 1952; Trenton, New Jersey. 10:50 p.m. t.o 12:45 a.m., July 23. Witnesses: crews of several USAF F-94 jet interceptors from Dover AFB, Del. Thirteen visual sightings and one radar tracking of blue-white lights during two hours.

July 23, 1952; Pottstown, Pennsylvania. 8:40 a.m. Witnesses: the two-man crews of three USAF F-94 jet interceptors. One large silver object, shaped like a long pear with two or three squares beneath it, flew at 150-180 kts. (170-210 m.p.h.), while a smaller object, delta-shaped or swept back, flew around it at 1,000-1,500 kts. (1,150-1,700 m.p.h.). Seen by crews for 1-4 minutes.

July 23, 1952; Altoona, Pennsylvania. 12:50 p.m. Witnesses: two-man crews of two USAF F-94 jet interceptors at 35-46,000' altitude. Three cylindrical objects in a vertical stack formation flew at an altitude of 50-80,000'. Seen for 20 minutes.

July 23, 1952; South Bend, Indiana. 11:35 p.m. Witness: USAF pilot Capt. H. W. Kloth. Two bright blue-white objects flew together, then the rear one veered off after about 9 minutes.

July 24, 1952; Carson Sink, Nevada. 3:40 p.m. Witnesses: two USAF Lt. Colonels McGinn and Barton in a B-25 bomber. Three silver, delta-shaped objects, each with a ridge along the top, crossed in front of and above the B-25 at high speed, in 3-4 seconds.

July 26, 1952; Washington, D.C. 8 p.m. until after midnight. Witnesses: radar operators at several airports, airline pilots. Many unidentified blips tracked by radar all over Washington area, at varying speeds. Pilots spotted unidentified lights.

July 26, 1952; Kansas City, Missouri. 12:15 a.m. Witnesses: USAF Capt. H. A. Stone, men in control towers at Fairfax Field and Municipal Airport. One greenish light with red-orange flashes was seen for 1 hour as it descended in the northwest from 40* elevation to 10* elevation.

July 26, 1952; Andrews AFB, Maryland. This was a continuation of the extensive sightings and radar tracking reports reported throughout the Washington, D.C. area, all night long.

July 26, 1952; Kirtland AFB, New Mexico. 12:05 a.m. Witness: Airman lst Class J.M. Donaldson. Eight to ten orange balls in a triangular or V-formation flew very fast for 3-4 seconds.

July 26, 1952; Williams, California. Case missing from official files.
Must have been a good one!

July 27, 1952; Selfridge AFB, Michigan. 10:05 a.m. Witnesses: three B-29 bomber crewmen on ground. Many round, white objects flew straight and level, very fast. Two at 10:05, one at 10:10, one at 10:15, one at 10:20. Each was seen for about 30 seconds.

July 28, 1952; Heidelberg, West Germany. 10:20 p.m. Witnesses: Sgt. B.C. Grassmoen, WAC Pfc. A.P. Turner. One saucer-shaped object having an appearance of light metal and giving off shafts of white light, flew slow, made a 90^ turn and climbed away fast after 4-5 minutes.

July 28, 1952; McGuire AFB, New Jersey. 6 a.m. Witness: Ground Control Approach radar operator M/Sgt. W.F. Dees, and persons in the base control tower. Radar tracked a large cluster of very distinct blips. Visual observation was of oblong objects having neither wings nor tail, which made a very fast turn and at one time were in echelon formation. Entire episode lasted 55 minutes.

July 28, 1952; McChord AFB, Washington. 2:15 a.m. Witnesses: T/Sgt. Walstead, S/Sgt. Calkins of the 635th AC&W Squadron. One dull, glowing, blue-green ball,.the size of a dime at arms' length, flew very fast, straight and level.

July 29, 1952; Osceola, Wisconsin. 1:30 a.m. Witnesses: radar operators on ground, pilot of F-5l Mustang in flight. Several clusters of up to 10 small radar targets and one large target. Small targets moved from southwest to east at 50-60 kts. (60-70 m.p.h.), following each other. The large one moved at 600 kts. (700 m.p.h.). One hour total time. Pilot confirmed one target.

July 29, 1952; Langley AFB, Virginia. 2:30 p.m. Witness: USAF Capt D.G. Moore, of military air traffic control system. One undescribed object flew at an estimated 2,600 m.p.h., below 5,000' altitude, toward the air base for about 2 minutes.

July 29, 1952; Langley AFB, Virginia. 2:50 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. Moore, Gilfillan electronics representative W. Yhope. One radar target tracked moving away, stopped for 2 minutes, again moved very, very fast. Four minutes.

July 29, 1952; Wichita, Kansas. 12:35 p.m. Witnesses: USAF shop employees Douglas and Hess at Municipal Airport. One bright white circular object with a flat bottom flew very fast, and then hovered 10-15 seconds over the Cessna Aircraft Co. plant, during the 5 minute sighting.

July 29, 1952; Ennis, Montana. 12:30 p.m. Witnesses: USAF persons, alerted that UFOs were coming from the direction of Seattle, Wash. Two to five flat disc-shaped objects: one hovered 3-4 minutes, while the others circled it. Sighting length of 30 minutes not explained further.

A large number of Air Force officers at Strategic Air Command headquarters at Offutt AFB, Nebraska, in 1958 observed a cigar-shaped UFO with satellite objects.

UFO Greatest Story Ever Denied - Opening

The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP)

Mass UFO Disclosure CNN - Finally - Part 1 This page is much too full for me to post my experience. I will have to continue on a new post.


Kelt Queen said...

As you know, I am a "Star Child" & definitely believe we have never been alone in this Universe!~
If anyone wants to know real facts read Zecharia Sitchin's books. He was born in ISRAEL, and is an internationally acclaimed author of twelve books on ancient civilizations.
In his various volumes of The Earth Chronicles series, he has provided ancient evidence, both texts on clay tablets and illustrations from cylinder seals, showing that Mars served as a way station for the Anunnaki “gods” in their space travels from Nibiru to Earth. “Was the ‘Face’ depicted 4,500 years ago?” . He proves how the Earth was “seeded” by another planet!
His books include: The 12th Planet, Genesis Revisited, The Lost Realms, The Wars of Gods and Men, The Stairway to Heaven, Lost Book of Enki.
Just thought you folks might want to read an author who has done major research his whole life through. Enjoy!
Love & Light,

earthmother said...

I have seen so many myself, that I think nothing of it anymore.

Me too!!

When I was in grade school, my sixth grade teacher used to call me UFO LADY because I just spoke of them matter-of-fact (and often). :D

Look forward to reading about your experiences Part Deux.

Me-Me King said...

Interesting point - we have no way to defend ourselves from alien attack.

I've read recently of the United Nations calling for UFO disclosure from points around the globe. It will be interesting to see what their findings bring.

I was living in Phoenix during the time of the infamous Phoenix lights. Unfortunately, I was unaware; but I do have a friend that taped the event and have viewed it many times. I believe it's arrogant to believe "we" are the only beings within the universe.

The Totton Linnet said...

They know what they are, they are military secrets

Joseph M. Fasciana said...

Dear Keeper,

I have to wait until Part II for a full response but I thought I might mention I was stationed at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, I had a low grade secret clearance because I was a MP and had to have access to most of the base camp. I can say this much it was one of my more interesting stops during my tour of duty.



Robin Easton said...

My amazing keeper!!! This is incredible. I am blown away. Just floored. I got shivers reading it. WOW!

I too have "seen" one night in the remote and far north woods of Maine. Almost midnight on sub-zero clear winter night. Three of them hovering overhead, blotting our the star filled milky way, three black triangular shapes against the sky, low over head, (I see their lights - very very few lights) shaped flat and unlike an military aircraft, but MORE astounding was they were TOTALLY...and I mean TOTALLY silent. Hovered above us for about 30 seconds and then vanished faster than my eyes could follow. Just gone!

I find it hard to believe that we are the ONLY beings in such a vast, mysterious and infinite Universe. There is a whole galaxy in a grain of sand, a whole Universe in an single atom, there is infinity within infinity. Knwoing this, how could we possibly think "WE" are the only ones? Regardless, I love the mystery and soul stirring magic of the largely unknow Univverse and beyond and beyond. Thank you for inspiring me Walter!!

Also I loved your progression of comments on my post the other day. You educate us all...with such juicy and inspiring quotes, insights and commnets. Thank you my friend!

Hugs to you,

Really enjoyed EarthMother's comment here. And Kelt Queen, I too had heard of this book. Great post and great comments here!! :)