Monday, February 28, 2011

""WAR!"" It Will Be Life Or Death For Millions!

The citizens of Earth are are in the heat of a great economic war!
As corrupt politicians and the global banking pirates continue to suck up our humble wealth and continue to devalue the worth of our money. Millions will die of poverty and starvation unless swift action is taken to abolish this tyrannical corporate assault on all of humanity.

"An armed conflict between nations horrifies us. But the economic war is no better than an armed conflict. Compared to this, conventional war is like a a surgical operation. An economic war is prolonged torture. And its ravages are no less terrible than those depicted in the literature on war properly so called. We think nothing of the other because we are used to its deadly effects. The movement against war is sound. I pray for its success. But I cannot help the gnawing fear that the movement will fail if it does not touch the root of all evil — man's greed. Truth alone will endure, all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time. I must continue to bear testimony to truth even if I am forsaken by all. Mine may today be a voice in the wilderness, but it will be heard when all other voices are silenced, if it is the voice of Truth." ~Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Noam Chomsky in his book "Failed States — The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy", defines demonic messianism as "a natural device for leadership groups that are at the extreme of the spectrum in their dedication to the short-term interests of narrow sectors of power and wealth".

The sentiment of despair among the ordinary people has been manipulated for political gain by amoral embedded corporate politicians, who would do anything to ensure that this despair does not go away until they manage to ride on it all the way to highest echelons of political power. Another strategy for control that has been regularly exploited is the creation of a fear for a tyrannical and boundlessly evil enemies; instilling in the public the fear of imminent destruction.

Most of this manipulation has been done in ways that are hard to believe.

On the one hand, some leaders have conspired to divert agricultural production meant for human and animal consumption to the corporate market where the scarce commodity is converted into gasoline, and ending up being burnt away on the highway; thus insuring higher food prices that are beyond the reach of the poor and destitute. This callous disregard for human suffering, is little different from what Bruce Franklin identified in 1889 as the "Anglo-American Syndicate of War" that imposes its imperialist "peaceful and enlightened rule" by threatening "annihilation" of those who stand in the way, bringing "the Spirit of Civilisation to a backward people.

Although we the people, are of many nations,
we are all one divine family in spirit♥

I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church. For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit. Kahlil Gibran


Bebbi said...

God will prevail. Greed will die. Lust will be in bed with it and they will not survive. Pride will be next hand in hand with Gluttony and Sloth. Envy will jump in because it doesn't want to miss anything. Anger will be mad that it has been left alone and will dissipate into thin air! As the snake eats itself into oblivion. The wicked witch will be sprayed with water and all will be well in the Land of Oz. :)

Antares said...

Yours is one "voice in the wilderness" that deserves to be heard across the planet!

Walt said...

The powers that control my country are robbing the manpower and resources of all the Earth's people, and paying them back with counterfeit currency that will devastate every nation that has fallen for the same Ponzi Scheme. For as such it is doomed to fail us at any time. And so it goes, that in many cases famine-stricken countries have been net exporters of food. People die of starvation not because no food is available, but because they cannot afford to buy food at the price determined by the market. Food companies therefore have the choice of letting their produce rot on the shelves for want of paying buyers, lowering the price to unprofitable levels, destroying their produce en masse, or selling it abroad for a profit. Since corporate food industries are profit-making enterprises and not charities, the fourth option is always taken when it is available; in fact, even when selling locally is profitable, food will be exported instead if the profit is higher. How British Free Trade Starved Millions

When a dollar was worth a dollar nearly one in four people, 1.3 billion - a majority of humanity - live on less than that dollar per day, while the world's 358 billionaires have assets exceeding the combined annual incomes of countries with 45 percent of the world's people. ~UNICEF

Almost all banks in every nation run the same Ponzi schemes. They 'invest' money they don't have. PERIOD. That is why so many of the banks continue to fail since Oct. 2000. Banks like these, and Citigroup, the largest bank/ponzi scheme in the world, hide their schemes on secret 'level 3 balance sheets' and inflate their worth by adding useless 'Goodwill' to their public balance sheet.