Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"The Unifying Power of Love"

"The power of lovehasunitedhuman beings for centuries It has inspired masterpieces in poetry and the visual arts, yet still transcends our ability to explain. As mysterious as the Tao itself, love is more than the sum of its parts, connecting our souls ineffably, unforgettably, forever it takes us beyond our personal limits, expands the scope of individual consciousness. Illuminating a lonely and confusing world with the light of new awareness, love takes us in a quantum leap to a world beyond ego, providing a new way of knowing. Plato described love as the union of two souls with divinity itself, Dante's love for Beatrice led him to the gates of paradise where he sang of "the love that moves the sun and the stars." The ancient Taoist Chuang-Tzu taught that through love we experience the inherent connections between ourselves and others, seeing all creation as one."

Diane Dreher: "The Tao of Inner Peace"

Did you ever read someone's writings and find yourself looking into the depths of their soul? Or then perhaps in my mind's eye; it is only my own reflection that I see.

"Did'st Thou give me this inescapable loneliness so that it would be easier for me to give Thee all?"

"Still a few years more, and then? The only value of a life is its content – for others. Apart from any value it may have for others, my life is worse than death. therefore, in my great lonelineliness, serve others. Therefore: how incredibly great is what I have been given, and how meaningless what I have to "sacrifice".
Hallowed be Thy Name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done-

"You wake from dreams of doom and-for a moment-you know: beyond all the noise and gestures, the only real thing. love's calm unwavering flame in the halflight of an early dawn.

"The fire of the body
burns away its dross and rising in flame of self-surrender, consumes its closed microcosm.

"The ultimate surrender to the creative act-it is the destiny of some to be brought to the threshold of this in the act of sacrifice rather tha the sexual act; and they experience a thunderclap of the same dazzling power."

DAG Hammarskjold: "Markings" 7.29.58

"It is not we who seek the Way,
but the Way which seeks us.
That is why you are faithful to it,
even while you stand waiting,
so long as you are prepared,
and act the moment you are
confronted by its demands."

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I loved this, completely!

I read it all, and I loved it so!

I also agree that love is a passionate, passionate thing!!!

Thank you for your recent comment on my writing, I really appreciate it! Your presence on my blog is greatly appreciated!!! :)