Monday, October 26, 2009

For the sake of love.

In future postings on this blog I will seek to recall various crucial facts, which people are led to disregard and even deny under the influence of the turmoil of the modern age. One of these basic facts is that of creation, that the universe, all living things and man, are not self-existing entities, but indeed are the artifacts of God, the Supreme Creator. We are all created by Him and to Him we will all return. Love, not knowledge (intellectual), is the bond between God and man. From God's love proceeds only what is good, and punishment is also inherently good. God's omnipotence is not merely infinite in time, but also in intensity.

I call out to everyone from every corner of the world, from whatever cultural, racial, ethnic or social background to realize this basic fact and think of his duties to his Creator. In this message lies the real redemption and happiness of mankind.

True holiness is not the exclusive possession of those who engage in detailed ritual observance, nor is it the preserve of those who devote their energies to the pursuit of spirituality. Real holiness is found in small actions that make a profound difference to the lives of the people around us and the world in which they live".

"Each one of us has to ensure that "Divine Love" is always associated with the highest levels of our intention and empathy, I pray that we always keep an open heart, so that our behavior always brings credit to our heritage and to our Creator.


C said...

I can honestly say that I truly agree, and am completely astonished at the plain TRUTH of every word written herein.

suZen said...

This is BEAUTIFUL, Walt! Yes yes yes - it is the small things done with love that are holy. Walt, I have known so many Mother Theresa's and etc. but on a "small" scale. I truly believe there are many saints among "the people", don't you?

Anonymous said...

Real holiness is found in small actions

How simply profound and true when we reflect and act on this...the world would be a livable place just on this nugget of thought.

angela ooi