Monday, July 27, 2009


Our blogs and E-mail no doubt is the most important, unique method for communicating and developing relationships since the telephone. Simply because, they are convenient and easy to use. We also find it familiar and safe because it is similar in many respects to writing letters or keeping a journal. Of all the methods for developing relationships on the Internet, it is the most common - and perhaps the most powerful.It is a more reliable, less chaotic way to express yourself. Even when other online tools improve greatly by becoming more effectively visual and auditory - as in video teleconferencing, our need for writing will never disappear. Many people will prefer it because it is a non-visual and non-auditory form of communication.

There is said to be a difference in cognitive style between people who love to communicate with written words and those who don't. I am more of an actor than a writer! When corresponding with you, or anyone I always feel like half of me is missing, and many times I find myself at a loss as how to best to communicate my true feeling without the use of all my animations and sound effects, that are so much a part of my dependency for being vocal to satisfy my desire for greater power, expressiveness and clarity.

In the typed text of the Internet, we are unable to observe one's actions or hear them speak. All those subtle voice and body language cues are lost, which can make the nuances of communicating much more difficult especially if your writing style often deviates a little from the norm. But we humans are indeed creative beings. A skilled writer is able to communicate with considerable depth and subtlety in the deceptively simple written word. Despite the lack of face-to-face cues, I find conversing via the Internet a challenging and sophisticated, expressive art form that is well worth mastering.

It can be frustrating, at times I feel like I've made little progress in evolving. I can write the song, but there is only one of you who really knows the way that I sing and dance to it.

Somehow, that must and will all change, as an illustrated orator is not of much use here.

It is this time and this place that matter--not some other time or place. What matters is here and now--the people here and now.


suZen said...

That was wonderfully expressed! But I do know what you are talking about. Hey, you could always do videos. I, for one, would love to hear you speak what you write - dance, jump, wave your arms, whatever! I'm simply amazed at technology - I don't "get" most of it, but I'm easily awed by it!

Walt said...

I'm just venting my frustrations about blogging blind in a two-dimensional world. I no longer have my old friend Craen Lissner to depend on as my security blanket. No matter how much I would rave about my insecurities; she would always assure me that I was a good writer, and though I seldom believed her, there was much wisdom in the kind words she would say to me, that had a very nurturing way of making me see myself as some sort of a big silly child, who was looking for a pat on the head. I'm going to have to face the fact that the only way to get real time feed back, is to do a public reading of my blog. And that is impossible. Why should I care so much what other people think of me?

I can almost hear someone saying; `Now you know what it feels like to be a writer!`

masterwordsmith said...

My dear Walt,

I write to express and not to impress...and I am sure you and many others do too...Please keep up the wonderful work here..You are a storehouse of wisdom to me and others...sometimes, we all feel like throwing in the towel but we don't...because we feel too much and have lots to share, lots to say and even more love to give....

Remember I am always here for you and with you...even if a few continents away...

Take care and hugs and lots of love to you, my dear friend.

suZen said...

Walt - I'm sure you heard ME saying that, haha! (Now you know what it feels like to be a writer) One of the reasons I paint is because I need a break from the closet. Writers write in the dark, like a closet. You never know if you're heard, understood, appreciated, liked/hated, whatever. I joined a writers group, thinking I would like the instant feedback, only to feel such a negative vibe of battling egos in the group I left. We're all insecure to a point, Walt. I was shy about posting my Millie-Wisdom blog - here it's been the most read/commented and nominated for Blog of the Week by a reader - who knew?

Walt said...

Girls, thank you for your support!
It feels good to Howl at the moon every now and then. I should be good for another year at least.

And to think, that years ago when I first started posting; all I wanted to do was write humor...

The world has changed, and so have I. Hey I still like to be funny! Like Jimmy said: ("If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane.")
I know I have said this many times, but it is true.

Robin Easton said...

Dear Walt, I really relate to this. I too tend to be very animated. It is why I have moved partially into videos. I felt I could express myself more fully...well, not so much more fully but more easily. It was more fluid for me.

I just finished a book and it was a bit easier than writing a short blog post as I had more time/room to express myself, but I still often felt frustrated. I am not a very sophisticated person, I'm not a particularly articulate person. I'm actually very simple and find simplicity very soothing as it keeps me living in my heart and senses and not my head. And I can't write a thing if I don't come from my heart. Writing is almost like channeling for me. If it were just me...forget it. I wouldn't be able to write thing. I have to get out of my own way and Nature or Love or Life speak through me. So in a sense I am not a writer at all.

Interestingly I find you exceedingly articulate, educated and expressive. As well as a maverick and free thinker, which adds a zest to your expressions. I would love to see you do some videos. I think you would be DYNAMIC. You could store them on YouTube and simply put the hyper text or link in your post. I just have this sense that you are powerful orator.

Hope you are doing really well. I'm running slow lately. Having trouble adjusting after getting back from my quest. Plus piled high work catching up on work.

Just keep being you Walt as you are a whole experience in yourself. Who you are is amazing.

Hugs to you my friend,