Thursday, March 19, 2009

Child Prostitution

If there is to be a change in this world, we must be united in our compassion for all God's creation. God has a divine purpose for every challenge that comes into our lives. He doesn't send us problems or great adversity, but sometimes He allows us to go through them. As spiritual beings we are all students and the world is our schoolhouse. Trials and difficulties must come, if we are to mature, and strengthen our spiritual muscles as we grow stronger, we must have adversaries to overcome and temptations to resist. Trials are intended to enhance our character and to exercise our faith. You people of the light; it is time to take action! Be brave as only love can be.

Child Prostitution - South Africa

Sacrifice: The Story of Child Prostitutes from Burma

Southeast Asia is thought to be the hotbed of child prostitution. According to UNISEF, more than one million children in Asia including Thailand, Philippines, and India, have been sold to brothels or street pimps for sexual exploitation. In the meantime, ECPAT (Ending Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking), a nongovernmental organization, argues that the number of children involved in prostitution is much higher. ECPAT estimates indicate that 20% of 20 million of children in India alone are part of the commercial sexual exploitation network.

According to ECPAT, about 100 thousand children are forced into child prostitution in Taiwan. Child prostitutes are in demand in other counties too. Venezuela has around 40 thousand underage prostitutes; there are approximately 25 thousands prostitutes aged 12 to 17 in the Dominican Republic; Peru has about 500 thousand child prostitutes, another 500 thousand child prostitutes are in Brazil; Canada has 200 thousand child prostitutes. From 300 thousand to 600 thousand of 2 million prostitutes in the USA are children and teenagers under 18. Most of them are under the category of street prostitutes.

Child Trafficking and Women in Poverty

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Rape Laws in Islamic Pakistan

People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Take no one for granted and embrace all equally with joy!
Julie A. Manhan ...


Bai Maleiha B. Candao said...

A very informative and highly enlightening post, my dear friend.Thanks for educating us. I will always be a student of your thoughts. Keep writing for you are blessed. :)

Walt said...

No I am but a blind man stumbling along the path. It is the light from others like yourself, that I am learning to see by. This was not a pleasant post for me to do. To banish the darkness and bring light back into this world of great suffering, would seem impossible; if not for the power and love of God.

masterwordsmith said...

A very sad state of affairs all over the world. Children are being robbed of their innocence and naivety all because of man's lust.

*sigh* Sometimes I wonder how low can those fiends go!!!

Thanks for highlighting this serious social problem.


Anonymous said...

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