Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who Cares?

Jews are always in Peril, and will continue to be. As long as there are fascist governments, pagan Christianity, and it's bastard brother Islam. The idolatry of the Fascist state would seem to foster religious indifference, in fact it promotes a heretical religion of its own. A moral casuistry, based on the glorification of the state, provides an alternative to faith in Adoni.

The Christian fascist religion inevitably persecutes all other faiths. Despite its claims of religious toleration, the fascist regime cannot abide the presence of any organization that refuses to worship the god of the state and that proclaims a higher God that has given divine moral law that is in conflict to the interest of the state:

To make things worse it seems that God's chosen has adopted a loser mentality. How can we be a light unto the nations, when we fail be a light unto our fellow Jews? Is it any wonder why so many love starved Jews become Christians? That mythical Jesus sure seems like a sweet guy, but don't be fooled, your God is more true and loving than any false idolatrous god like Christ. So my friend, what is in your heart? Do you seek a closer walk? Or has religion destroyed your faith?

The true balance between the secular and the sacred is only possible if all religions go back to the original teachings of Abraham, father of all nations, as they were consummated at Sinai. Every intelligent person should know that when distortions set into any system, the truest way of discovering the real facts is not by adding new theories, but by tracing back to the original roots that preceded human distortions.


Vern said...

One of my favorite books that helped me turn the "spiritual corner" is "The Constant Companion" or "The Thousand Names of the Lord" by Eknath Easwaran.

A complete atheist, I got involved in TM (transcendental meditation) in the mid 80's and went to live on the Mahrishi International University campus, although I was always on the periphery of the movement.

During the early 90's, I went through a divorce and the heartache of being a weekend dad. In spite of my atheism, I checked out 4 books by Eknath Easwaran in a small coastal village in Oregon where I hoped to get some space and time out.

I think those books, which included the "Constant Companion" caused a crack to develop that began to let the light in. A few years later I was touched by something (god?) and even experienced healing. We are talking, a hard-core philosophical skeptic getting zapped. No doubt. I knew then, there was more to life than what we "can see".

I went through the usual church-hopping and burnout. I'm sick to death of bible thumpers and christians who want to change everybody else but haven't done the one needful thing - die to self and simply abide in the vine. They like the "Great Commission" which gets the proud self involved.

Anyway, this book turned me around. Somehow I have no problem with reconciling buddhism, hinduism, native american spirituality, ancient cave drawings, or anything done in Spirit. God was around just as much back then as now.

After all that, I don't believe in "God" in my head. I was touched, my heart was changed, and I can't put a name or a religion on it.

Anonymous said...

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