Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ahhhhh Sarah, City Girls Are Easy.

Willkommen! Meine Dammen und Herren, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I'm sure just to keep up with this fair beauties ravenous intelligence, many men would feel intimidated, and fewer still would have the patience. The fact that she just given me the longest salute in the history of my blog, only means the game is not over. For Sarah to invest that much of her time is in no way a mere act of love for "Sex And The City". This woman's mind goes much deeper than you could ever imagine. it hungers constantly for stimulation, knowledge, and so much more. A less able mind like myself has a need to be able to filter out and ignore some stimuli. There are few people who can perform at her level. A less intelligent person with a low level of latent inhibition for filtering out familiar stimuli may well sink into mental illness as a result, and be like me, crazy as a June Bug. But with her smarter mind she can handle the effects of taking note of a larger number of stimuli and even find interesting and useful patterns by continually processing a larger quantity of familiar information. That is why Sarah can have a finger in every pie, and still have the time to jerk the slack out of my chain. So now this behemoth of higher thought, has again thrown down the gauntlet to me. I better give up before it's too late. Joy Apollo 100 ultragroovy!

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