Monday, May 14, 2007

Do Virgins Taste Better?

THE BROBINGNAGIAN BARDS! Hope you enjoy and savor the taste of a little Celtic Music. No,that's not really me, just some unkown hillbilly ->>>

I once kissed a virgin, or so she said.
She was a buxom Irish beauty from philadelphia, a nursing student of about 20, and very much favoring our Valerie.
But the fact that she had six strapping big brothers, discouraged me from persuing the matter any further. However I still hope to find a tasty virgin someday.

Living together before marriage, might not be so smart! I've seen too many relationships fall apart this way. And I made the same mistake myself.
For me it was an emotional disaster, and for a woman it can be even more devastating! Why risk everything by trashing someone you love?
Here are a few things you might want to consider before you make the big move.

1. "Higher Divorce Rate
Perhaps the most compelling and widespread argument against living together before marriage is that several researchers say it increases the risk of breaking up. Virtually all studies of this topic have shown that the chance of divorce is significantly greater for married couples who lived together first. And in 1992, the National Survey of Families and Households found that, in 3,300 families, married couples who had lived together first were judged to be 46 percent more likely to get divorced."

2. "Lower Quality of Life
When it comes to living together, more research suggests that the quality of life for unmarried couples is far lower than for married couples. Researchers David Popenoe and Barbara Dafoe Whitehead say cohabiting couples report lower levels of happiness, lower levels of sexual exclusivity and sexual satisfaction, and poorer relationships with their parents. Annual rates of depression are more than three times higher. And, finally, cohabiting women are more likely than married women to suffer physical and sexual abuse."

3. "Living Together Doesn't Necessarily Lead to Marriage
After five to seven years, 21 percent of most cohabitating couples are still doing just that -- cohabitating, without getting married. In a new study by Popenoe and Whitehead, one of the top 10 reasons why men said that they are reluctant to get married at all is because they can simply live with a woman -- and enjoy the same benefits".


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