Monday, July 17, 2006

For those who like Jazz

This is a really good program, the audio is excellent: My father's family were Jazz musicians and singers, they would have loved it.
I know it is not for everyone, But a little Jazz is good for the soul!
However there is something fishy here.


ICUPN said...

Ok, so no one likes my dad's music. Next time, I will give you something a little more palatable.

NJWT said...

no, I like Jazz, it's just that this made me download some RAM file that I had no interest in figuring out how to use.

ICUPN said...

Dave, I am using the Real Player, with no downloading, but I forgot you are using that Left Coast computer system. I have one myself, and I think some of the features are superior. But it is too old for me to use now without some serious upgrading.