Thursday, July 13, 2006

For those who like comics

Here is a little something. I've gots just one thing to say to you f*ckin hippies: What ever happened to Sha Na Na? When they were young guys playing old Rock music they were cool. Now they are old guys playing the same old music. Perhaps it was wise that some of them did jump ship and move on with their lives. What we need now is a little more Benny Hill Music!


NJWT said...

That is super funny. And there are so many!

NJWT said...

Dude. That's Ba na na

ICUPN said...

Thanks, and I agree, I thought it would be better not to post it on TAB's blog, as it may have been a little distracting, but it was too good a site not to share with my friends. Ba Na Na would be better; but a vintage rock band like that needs a constant supply of young talent to make it work. Some of those guys have been playing teenagers for over 30 years!