Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End.

So it ends. The worst year I have ever known, yet in many ways it was also the best of times. For it has put our spirits to the test, as it ushered in a wave of compassion, and new way of thinking. And that is something all of the good life and its complacency could never do.
I am grateful to have been adopted by many new fiends this year. The gift of friendship is indeed worthy of the price, as I view having a multitude of friends to love, as the heaviest of all burdens. Yet it is also a great honor, and a privilege for one to be a servant to so many extraordinary people. And to think! Back when the Internet was only my little toy, a new age was started for me, by just one smart ass woman, and in her kindness, she forever changed the life of this one smart ass man. ; )


Your thought advocates Judaism, Brahmanism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. In my thought there is only one universal religion, whose varied paths are but the fingers of the loving hand of the Supreme Being. In your thought there are the rich, the poor, and the beggared. My thought holds that there are no riches but... life; that we are all beggars, and no benefactor exists save life herself.

Many a doctrine is like a window pane. We see truth through it but it divides us from truth. I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church. For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit.
Kahlil Gibran


NJWT said...

Happy New Year, and thanks for the always positive vibes!

Walt said...

We are alive and well Dave, what more do we need? I wish you a very happy New Year!

Robin Easton said...

Dear Walt, This is so lovely both in sentiment and word. I really relate to the beautiful quote at the end. It is just stunning.

It has been a joy to share in your wisdom, your laughter and your knowledge. You are indeed a rich soul, that is filled with multi-facets of Life. I am forever surprised, intrigued, amazed and renewed by all the many facets you share with me and others.

This new year I wish for you Life experiences that continually keep you FILLED with joy, vitality, curiosity, wonder and love.

I thank you for all you have given and give. You are a TRUE maverick, Walt!! You REALLY are, more than you even know. Sending you hugs and love, Robin

C said...

Hey Walt!!! You didn't tell me you found one smart ass woman!!! Good for you!!! Good for you!!!

I am surprised to hear that last year was one of the most difficult for you! But I am happy to hear (very happy to hear) that you can see the bright horizon for this new year we have already entered into!

I can feel much magic settling in, as we breathe in the new invisible vapors that enter us and fill our lungs...much magic is all around...I am excited...

masterwordsmith said...

Hi Walt

Happy new year and am glad you found your woman!!! :-)

Hope 2010 will bring you wonderful and enriching experiences.

Hugs and much love

Walt said...

Angela almost never comes here. However, I don't really have a woman. I have women, and they are all good girls. Many of these fine ladies are married to good men, but they all love me about the same. It is just that some are more articulate when it comes to rubbing my belly and scratching me behind the ears. I'm one happy lap dog, and I suck it up every chance I get. : )

Olga said...

Hi Walt,
Happy new year to you and yours !
Thanks for all these positive messages you have given during 2009

Best wishes,