Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In The Hot Seat

From the Philippines to Madagascar and all stations in between.
I have noble friends who are riding on the political edge.
Endeavoring to make a stand at the risk of life and fortune; for the sake of their people.

I stand aghast at the events that have been unfolding, as nations awaken to the vast conspiracy that has robbed the people of their freedom and wealth. NO they were not content with that! The also seek to enslave the future. Unbridled fascism grows as despots desperately cling to power. The people of earth have never been so raped and brutalized by the Evil of Greed, and the Lust for Power.
In the name of FREEDOM, I see a world wide revolution coming.
The like of, has never been seen before. To be sure it will not be a bloodless one. The Devil will not give up without a fight. Even here in this great land of America; the people are seeing the writing on the wall, and are arming themselves in unprecedented numbers. At this point I would prefer to run and hide myself away, if not for the courage of these brave women. As long as there are strong God fearing hearts; the light of the people shall not extinguished!


Helisoa said...

Hi Walt !

Sorry, I comment in french !

Pour le POUVOIR, l’homme est capable de tout : mentir, voler.
L’homme ne pense qu’à lui : il est égoiste et cupide !

A notre époque, il y a 2 pouvoirs : le pouvoir mondial et le pouvoir
du pays.
Le peuple tombe toujours dans le piège de celui qui est au pouvoir.
Sa vie est plus dure qu’avant et sans avenir.
Il est toujours délaissé.
Cela est une réalité pour tous, dans tous les pays du monde entier, et mis au grand jour par la grande crise.

Bien à vous,

Cordialement vôtre

Walt said...

It's ok sweetheart, I will do my best to translate for you.
Here what Helisoa said:

I comment in french!

For the lust of power, man is capable of all that is evil: lie, steal.
Such a man only thinks about himself: he is selfish and greedy!

Today, there are 2 branches: the global power and power of the country.
The people always fall into the trap of those who are in power.
His life is tougher than before and without a future.
The liberity and welfare of the common folks is always neglected.
This is a reality for everyone in every country in the world, and put to light by the Great Depression.


Helisoa said...

Hi Walter !

C'est fantastique, nous pourrions ensemble écrire beaucoup de livres si cela continue !
Merci pour votre collaboration pour ce partage bénéfique pour tous.


Walt said...

I did my best, Google really phucked me on the translation!
This is close to what Helisoa is saying:

"It's so incredible, we could write a whole lot of books if it continues!
Thank you for your effort in sharing this ominous situation with everyone."

Helisoa said...

Dear Walter !

Thanks a lot indeed


Walt said...

A computer can give a poor to fair translation, but only the heart interprets.
No I should be thanking you and all the other dear ones, both women and men. who are out there seeking liberty and justice for the people.
If more women were respected, and had a voice in this world; free to herald the truth to all who have ears. We as a people would not be so divided, afraid and suffering as we are now.
What hath men wrought?

Helisoa said...

Dear Walt,

many thanks... for these so sweet words

God bless you

masterwordsmith said...

Dear Walt

Thanks for putting up this post.

What you said is so true in almost evey part of the world. While technologically we are progressing, mankind is regressing in so many ways.

You are so spot on.

The events in my country are pathetic to say the least and I am sure you must have been appalled by my outburst.

I am glad that I do not stand alone in being completely astounded by the greed, stupidity and evil side of man.

Take care, my friend.

We are living in dangerous times!!

God bless you and have a good week.

Walt said...

I feel as if I'm at the hub of a great wheel with all the major events that are swirling around the world; yet I am far from the action, where the rubber meets the road. My dear sisters I am very proud of all your noble efforts and deeds. I would stand with you if only I could find a way. I know not what the future holds, but I know who hold the future. You who are of The Royal House, you sons and daughters of the Most High, know that you have a special mission at this tumultuous time in history, like it or not; it is why you are here. Pray and seek His wisdom, and He will guide your steps.