Saturday, April 05, 2008

What Am I ?

Until a wonderful Forrest sprite came along and shook me out of the tree; that I have been lodged so comfortably oh these many years. I was content to keep most of my spiritual thoughts on my other blog. There was a good reason for keeping this blog more secular. Few people have the interest, or the courage to discuss anything of a spiritual nature, and as I already have one dead blog, why make two? Ah, but your G-d takes second place to no one! I will have to figure out a way to give Him a front row seat, and not frighten away all my friends at the same time. I am not religious, and like my hero Abraham I believe in G-d, and view all the major religions of the world at least in part, as pagan. Yet because G-d is sovereign , and even though He is known worldwide by many names; He has no need of our dogma or religion. Adonai our G-d is free to deal with the hearts of all His children, He understands and accommodates our primitive needs, no matter what kind of costume we try to put on Him. We should "instead of being subject to the limits of the Western mindset which dichotomizes things, values, etc, take advantage and assurance that seeming disparities are not disparities, but part of a larger synthesis of thought. Faith & works are part of a renewal of the heart. Torah is about renewing our hearts – all the promises rely on our hearts being renewed. Hence, Torah is not so much a religion, but a change of state, a change of being. The good deeds are not so much works, they are also faith, as they are part of emunah – Hebrew for “faith” which denotes that we “support G-d” and have “firm actions.” Faith is not so much a hope, but a certainty and way of living – what I can do to support the will of G-d."

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