Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's Got to Get Better Than This.

The great euphoria for Global Orgasm seems now to have all petered out.
The lascivious event, timed with the Winter solstice came and went, without much note.
I was home alone, but I've yet to find out what my girlfriend was doing.
Where are my people? I hope you are all enjoying yourselves.

Sound, Lights, Action! I love it.
These are so cool, Christmas Lights Gone Wild
Wow! These Xmas Lights Dance - literally
A 5th of Beethoven!

Down yonder, the folks have something to be proud of; HillBilly Christmas lights!
Just imagine, I'm expected to give up all the marvelous, and quaint things like this, for a new life in the big city. Indeed, life is not fair!
Too much moonshine, and you'll screw up your lights! Charmz Hillbilly Xmas Lights. With the Soggy Bottom Boys.

I should make that mean woman strip, and do the Can Can, for me first.


Jaded said...

Merry Christmas!!

And may the new year bring you an abundance of peace, joy, love, prosperity and good health.

Kelt Queen said...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Day & Eve, and an even better 2008 filled with pleasant surprises, abundance & love!

Anonymous said...

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