Sunday, December 03, 2006

What The World Needs Now

Is less Hate, and more LOVE!! You've got to put a little love in your heart! Have you hugged someone today? Go on do it, don't be shy. It's a wonderful thing that seems to be happening all over the world! Even in the Emerald City. And it can be more than just hugs. Here is something that would drive fear into the heart of Al Bundy. But I'd just rather have a good hug. No one likes War; unfortunately, millions more will have to perish, before we will ever have true peace in this world. Ah, but I would not leve you without hope, so here is sweet Bunny Love, Butterflies and Pussy.
And who is this lost time traveler vintage 1966? We have a choice, we can pretend pagan Christmas does exist, and refuse to particpate. Or we can set an example, and show them what true kindness and brotherly love is all about. Although at times it may seem difficult; everyday we should celebrate God's holy presence, the joy of life and His precious gift of everlasting love.

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