Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Song Just For You.

I know a big ass blog comes with it, but I think you will like this song, and the blog is kind of cool too. This is a nice story, it reminds me of my little brother.


NJWT said...

Cool tune!

ICUPN said...

Yes, it is: There is something very soothing about the melody. It is very effective to help calm a troubled mind. Whenever you have a bad day, or if the sheet hits the fan, and everything starts going down the tubes! This is another one, that has worked for me, although it did make me cry once for some unknown reason, cause I had no idea what this guy was singing about.

Miss Cellania said...

This version was used in the TV show ER when Dr. Green died. That really put it on the map, and deservedly so. BTW, thanks for the link in the later item!