Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I am a man of Constant sorrow.

I was looking forward to baptizing some New York city slickers, but now it is looking doubtful that I will get to make that special Moon run to my friends way up North. I really need this trip just to be free of my cumbersome duties and obligations for a little while. Time is getting short, and the uncertainy of my dilemma is killing me. Oh, no doubt it will be
more fun than I have had in years. I just may like the adventure so much that I may not want to come back, but I think I can handle it as long as I stay out of New Jersey. If only I could get my freedom, or is it only another pipe dream? UP DATE: Due to a health crises the great adventure has been canceled.


NJWT said...

Sorry to disappoint, brother. Believe me I'd have other circumstances if I could!

ICUPN said...

I am not the Rock, nor the good shepherd. However I keep getting promoted to Captain every time someone's Titanic hits an iceberg. For once I would like to run for the lifeboats with the women and children; it would be so easy, but I can't no matter how much I may wish otherwise. Nothing could make me more happier than to be a crazy fool floating down a river without a care in the world.